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"A ESCORT OF THE YEAR 2000 ? who is it?"

Rod Hagen
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-01 AT 06:31PM (EST)[p]Nobody really knows.


I was one of the bitter escorts who spit out sour grapes last year. This whinning resulted in an end to a potential annual "Top Ten Escorts" poll, subsequently ruining the democratic process for everyone.


I still think it's a bad idea ("the top 10", not democracy). My advice-and you can discard my suggestions; most do-is to leave the matter alone as Hooboy has done so wisely.


The bigger (ie not Matt Adam's) "Top Ten" post curently in the Deli is simply a Christmas Wish List list created by those clients who in the last two weeks happened to visit the message center (many don't) and respond to a post (most don't). How accurate is that? Not Very. So should we streamline or add to it? Probably not.





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Guest allansmith63

Of course it's a Christmas wish list, Rod. It's one of the reasons that I'm on this site for - to have some fun - to entertain some fantasies. To broaden the exposure of the list - you're probably right, what's the point, because what I may view as a perfect "10" in escorts, someone else may view as a "6". Also, I believe that the names would simply be repeated over and over.


However, the common thread to this theme - we're telling the world that these guys we're listing here are the best escorts in the business. The hell with the top 10, all of the guys listed on Tampa's thread are all stars!! I've formed opinions on some of the guys based on their posts and how they appear to handle situations, and I suspect that I'm right in my choices on my wish list, because they appear in many of the posts on the thread. (Based on my take on your posts, you're about a "9.83" on my list - one of these days, we'll have to discuss that extra ".17" to get you right to the "perfect 10" spot. :-) )


Have a great day, Rod.




PS Of course, my favorite guy is the only perfect "11" on

this site.

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Guest bluboy

Who cares if it is absolutely accurate? It is absolutely helpful to all of us purveyors of the trade. We have all come to know each others tastes and personalities and I know who likes the kind of people I like so to see their top 10 in one place is very helpful to me. For example, people on this site rave and rave about Scott Matthews but Traveller mentions his nellines which is what I saw as well.. so i know that Travellers list is more up my alley. People who put Matt (excellent top) at the top of their list have a list that I take note of and want to try. Top 10 list- oh my god I say YES!!! Its like the Amazon.com filter for books "people who bought and liked this book also bought this book" and I have found the Amazon filter to be surprisingly accurate for me. I would love to start a "worst of 2000 list" or a "most overated list" but people like Rod are way too sensitive. We do not even have democracy in our presidential election- less than 50% of the people vote but guess what there is still a person elected (present election excepted). Hooboy should never have bowed to the peer pressure and should even have a full fledged academy awards: like joan rivers fashion awards- stiffest and limpest dick; most muscular; most masculine and most fem; most dsicreete and least discrete; always clean or always dirty...we could all have a grand old time...but instead we tip toe around for fear of offending not Christian values site- not on the family values site- but on the escort site!!! Has our hypersentive cultural radars sunk so deep that we see no irony in all this. Will the escort with the biggest dick please stand up and say I do not give a flying f*ck what you all think cuz I have got a killer bod, a great business, I treat my clients well, they become repeats yada yada yada and I do not look to m4m for my self esteem or my life grade. blu


p.s. in one of my more wicked moments I have thought of printing out the list of the top 10 and adding them all up to post a top 10 overall based on which escorts got the most mentions in the list- but alas I cannot be bothered- if anyone is so inclined once a few more tallies are in I guarantee you will get many many many page views which is a sign that people are interested in the tally. blu

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Guest MattAdams

I have to admit my selection process is a bit eclectic. My last top ten list was dominated with bodybuilders. Also much of the last list could be more described as lifetime achievement award winners. This years list is a mix of new and established. Overall it is a younger group (even though I have a bias towards older escorts, but I think escorts are gaining more business sense at an earl


As for the list this year


2 were oversights from the past, which goes to say I do make notes for future reference (Billy and Baron)


Only one is a repeat from the past (Nick)


2 graduated from the recommended list last time to the top ten (mario and scott matthews)


Alex in DC, Danny in NY and Jeremy in Las Vegas could be considered new faces. I dont even know if they have reviews on this site. Alex and Danny reflect my bias that there is a growing new breed of European escorts in the US that offer superior and consistent service. Jeremy is truly my wild card pick based on a hunch.


Matt in London represents the beginning of the internationalization of my list. There were very few notable European escorts even two years ago. Now there are dozens in many countries. I am also finding that European escorts have begun to be very good at marketing.


My picks for the top five non US escorts are:


Matt, London

Steve Masters, London

Jawor, Germany (he will be in Miami and Chicago during January)

Kinky Escort, Italy

Andreas, Berlin


Finally, Sean and Casey represent an interesting experience. There seem to be more multi racial duos in the business. What is interesting about Sean and Casey is the breadth of what they have to offer between the two of them. They also seem to be truly professional.


Another problem with my list this year is that there were no escorts listed for California. My list last time had two.


The number one and two criteria for getting on my recommended or top ten lists is that they must be nice people and present themselves professionally.


Matt Adams

author, Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars


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>Who cares if it is absolutely



It's not that it isn't 100% accurate, it isn't accurate at all. Using the message center toward building a "Top Ten" or multiple Top Tens is bullshit, because most people who have bothered to write the reviews, and it's their opinions that mean the most, don't visit the message center; or at least not as often as the rest of us (who have more free time I suppose). If they aren't in the message center, they wont see the growing post.


The only way to create a representative Top Ten and/or Best (kisser, dick, etc..) would be for the webmaster to send out an annual email to all who have posted reviews. The email would invite the hundreds of men to return to this website to lend their vote. If you can post a review and are able to read email, you can return to vote at that time.


This would constitute much too much work for the already overburdened Hooboy. But these ad-hoc message center posts are NOT the next best thing. Sometimes there is no next best thing.



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Guest Tampa Yankee



You are right!! -- no one really knows who is the best and the concept of 'best' really is suspect because it is so very subjective. However, that doesn't mean we can't exchange some information about guys that we met and really enjoyed spending some time with and telling others who these great guys were. I see no down side to this at all... no one is being slammed or defamed, rather we get the chance to sing praises of those who impressed us. Amd while escorts may not accumulate enough votes to make it in the final 10, that does not mean they are loosers at all -- just the opposite in my view. Anyone who gets mentioned in this survey is worth taking a serious look at and I, for one, will bookmark the Top Ten thread to use for consultation when on my travels to other cities. It won’t be the only factor but it will be one of several I use in my ‘shopping’. The poll represents a distillation, although an imperfiect one, of the reviews and maybe better -- some might have been mentioned that weren’t reviewed for some reason or other. Again where is the down side here. True some escorts who were not mentioned might not get any boost from this poll, but they also get no negative press, at worst they remain what they were: an unknown or known by the reputation that had already established. Neither seems unfair to me given that would be the status quo without the poll.


Regarding the ‘accuracy’ of the poll... as is always the case it only reflects the results of those who took the time to participate -- just the same as in our national primary and general elections. It is a fact that only the participants get to pick who the winners... a fact that I wish more people took seriously in our primary elections where we decide the turkeys we ultimately get stuck with. The same is true here and the results will carry more weight with more participants. So you raise some valid objections and remind us that this type of poll should be taken with a grain of salt -- I agree. But that doesn’t mean that there is no point at all to this. I think Allan and Blu had it pretty much right.


As for ‘doing it the right way’ which you point out is too effort itensive for HooBoy, I agree there are better ways and that Hoo doesn’t have the time and resources to attempt this. I’m not sure that the results would be all that much better or more valid but it might have a wider base (which is good) -- again what does ‘best’ really mean -- the most box office receipts, the most repeats performances, ... the list could go on. Nevertheless I would be supportive of other attempts. This year I saw none and thought we shouldn’t let the year go by without taking note of our finest experiences. So we take it for what it is and recognize its limitations -- and harm no one.


Finally, thank you for taking the time to give us your view on this as well as several other topics during the year. I always appreciate hearing from the other side even when we may not agree. It gets awfully dull talking in a vacuum and one almost never learns anything preaching to the choir.

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I agree that maybe we shouldn't have a top ten list. I was truly puzzled by some of last years "winners", but chalked that up to a "to each his own" scenario.


I have hired escorts for quite some time - in the early days is was all about the physical lust. Although that is quite a fine aspect to the experience, I find I enjoy the escort's "employment period" if I actually enjoy his company out of bed too.


With that in mind, I would have to nominate and cast the entire 10 slots to GINO MANCUSO. He is smart, funny, sexy with a terrific chest, arms and has a great dick. From sensual foreplay to his performance as an expert top, you cannot go wrong. Out of the bedroom you find yourself in the company of a true gem of a human being. His reviews on this site all seem to indicate that my experience with him is not unusual and other clients seem to agree.


He provides a great service worth every penny.


Best of luck in hiring your favorites in 2001!

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I'm going to have to begrudginly agree with you Rod. This isn't an accurate guage of who is who in this business. There really is no accurate guage, it all comes down to personal preference. I also agree there should be no top ten, yeah I've made humourous (read: humourless)comments about my inclusion, but to be totally honest, I'd rather not be anywhere near the top ten list. Just based on a few emails I've already recieved from people who don't think I belong there, I couldn't handle the bullshit that goes along with the 'honour'.

Please accept this as my withdrawal from all competitions: )

I forfeit my sash (vancouver contingent).

And really who cares who the top of any list is, if you're having a good time with someone, hire them again, if you're not... duh!

As allansmith said, it's all about just having fun.

so talk amongst yourself, just leave my sorry old, in need of retirment ass out of it: )

matt(can't take the heat, that's why I'm not in the kitchen)

*for those of you who don't get it...tongue firmly implanted in cheek: P (or up your bum!)



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I have enjoyed your book, and your postings. While our tastes are not similar, I do find your comments helpful.


However... on "Kinky Escort Italy" (aka Piero) well.. that was pushing the envelope a bit. This guy led me along for a few weeks, I spent money getting tickets, a hotel reserved... then disappeared. Surfaced "after" the date with the excuse of a car accident, and some injuries.


I was willing to give him the beenfit of the doubt, living in Italy, and knowing the mess accidents caus.


Then tried a few times to contact him -à he would not (will not) respond. in fact, I find most escorts in Italy as total fakes and/or rip-off artists; probably the worst in all of Europe, which is a shame as they have the best looking guys.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 10:51PM (EST)[p]Well, it appears that there is a down side after all...


I apologize to those escorts who have received abusive emails because of their mention in this poll. There are always a few bottom dwelling low-lifes that use opportunities such as this to spew their venom. There is just no accounting for the sociopathic personality -- at least I cannot.


One would think that these disturbed individuals would have the intelligence to take exception (if they feel compelled to) with the client offering the praise rather than the escort who was put up without his knowledge. After all it is the client opinion being expressed and if someone has a difference with it then they should address the person who expressed it. But this would not satisfy their real need to piss on the object of their ire.


The silver lining (if there is one), although thin it may be, is that, though unsettling, it is better to flush these low-lifes out into the sun light and be aware of them rather than to have them lurk in the darkeness as they spread their poison.


Once again, my apologies to all receiving offensive emails.

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I love this Message Center site and come back to read new posting s several times each day. But lately it appears that however fun a topic may be, there is always someone out there to fuck things up.

Posting about who are Top 10 Nominations are started out as just a fun opportunity for those of us who have seen multiple escorts to have one more chance to acknowledge those great guys who have given us so much pleasure. It's entirely subjective so no-one should really take it seriously as representing any general consensus. But now I read that the so called nominees are receiving hate mail disputing their right to be mentioned. How pathetic can this get. I am surprised so many great escorts continue to post on this site with all the sickos out their who have nothing to do but devise ways of harrassing others. Unfortunately some of the sickos who post are also our own(gays that is).

Where am I going? I don't know, maybe I too just needed to express how saddened I am by all this bile and vitriol. But guys don't give up. Continue to post these incredibly interesting and fun topics and escorts, continue to reply also. It's just too good of an opportunity to loose.

Peace, love and understanding for the New Year.

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Sigh ... I'm not at all surprised that some escorts have gotten nasty and/or abusive e-mails as a result of your poll. Very early on in your original thread there was a post (that has since been deleted by administrators) that personally and viciously attacked an escort who regularly posts here. I suspect that that poster is the same person who's behind at least some of the e-mails. I also suspect that the person who's behind the e-mails is either a jealous escort, a disgruntled client, or maybe even some sort of religious zealot. But then again, who really knows why someone would do something like this. It's wrong to flame someone on this or any other message board. It's even worse to send nasty e-mails to someone that you don't even know. To all the escorts that have been victimized by this nut, please don't let it get you down. Use the "block sender" feature in your e-mail program to block further e-mails from these idiots and stick around. Your contributions to this Board are very much appreciated by most of the people who vist this site.


And TampaYankee, I enjoyed your poll. It may not be scientific, it may not be truly reflective of all of the talent that's out there, it reflects the respondents personal likes and dislikes, but it was a lot of fun. I don't consider it to be a difinitive answer as to who really is the best escort of the year, there are too many variables that go into that equation. It's more like a Christmas wish list and there's nothing wrong with that.

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Guest Consultant_online

LAST EDITED ON Jan-07-01 AT 12:12PM (EST)[p]>I have to admit my selection

>process is a bit eclectic.


>Finally, Sean and Casey represent an

>interesting experience. There seem

>to be more multi racial

>duos in the business.

>What is interesting about Sean

>and Casey is the breadth

>of what they have to

>offer between the two of

>them. They also seem

>to be truly professional.



I have to add that if Sean and Casey are a barometer of the rest of the picks, the list is a very useful and representative tool (although as another posting mentioned earlier, it is not the only tool) to help prospective clients. I've visited them twice, and together they are just a whole lot of fun, much more so together than I think they might be individually. They do complement each other somehow. And yes, they are very professional at what they do.


Thanks Hooboy for providing such a great service. Thank you Matt for the list, and the book. I have found both helpful.

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>Sigh ... I'm not at all

>surprised that some escorts have

>gotten nasty and/or abusive e-mails

>as a result of your



Did I miss something? What abusive e-mails?


Thanks for any light on this.



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