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So. California - First Class Males

Guest bollo
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Guest buttanovice

RUN, COVER YOUR EYES, and don't look back!!! This is the biggest rip off in the country. Well documented many times in reviews. Typically they show up, a much skankier version of the pic or nothing at all similar, demand money up front, then proceed to "add on" just to get nude, then more to touch. Spent $500 just to have a guy strip and let me touch him, "but not there!" Then when you call to complain, they use callder id to block you call; finally went down and called from the hotel lobby pay phone, and all they said was "we just set up the appointments." Of course, before they were very descriptive about activity, etc. This happended to me just a month before HooBoy launched this site. . . . and for all of you out there, thank our blessed Hoo and stay away from this place and it's alternate site, Extraordinary Male

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Guest Jerinca

I agree with buttanovice. This site and agency (including extraordinarymale and there have been others using the same pictures) has been talked about many times here. Having made the mistake myself about 2 years ago I advise you to run, not walk, from them. Do not pass go and do not bother. The picture did not resemble the guy they sent to see me--Jeff--who was an arrogant, primadonna asshole. They are a total, I MEAN TOTAL, RIPOFF!!! Of course if you have a fetish and like being treated like SHIT then by all means proceed. And good luck if you do.

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