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Top Clients in 2000

Rod Hagen
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LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-00 AT 02:10AM (EST)[p]My nominations for the top clients in 2000 in no immediately-discernable order:


RICHARD--For his infinetly generous heart.


carolina jon-For opening himself (his sweet asshole to be honest) to me.


sweetkisser-Not many men know how to treat a halibut. THIS MAN DOES IT RIGHT.


MidwestJohn-One of the most vocal, wink wink, men I have met.


William-For most mutually enjoyable Fantasy.


waikiki-For most style and class.


niceguy-For being exactly what his name promises.


L.A. Rodger-For repeatedly inviting me into his home, despite being in mine first, REALLY first.


Skyman-For allowing me to help him be a kid again every once in awhile.


Cub-For being cuddly and loving horsies.


MN-For reminding me of home.


Politician-For being brilliant in and out of bed.


Floyd-For taking a chance on me, even if I am a bit pricey for a fellow minnesotant.


David-For being anxious to see me, and very dissapointed when he can't. And for being another horse lover.


MM-For loving art on the wall and art in bed in equal parts.


Sqwarecut-For being a fellow intelligent smartass.


AL-For being a buddy.


EnjoymentMan-For consistently making excuses to come back and see me just one more time.


Happy Holidays to all of you. You are the best of the best.


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