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Twinks in Atlanta -- SUGGESTIONS???

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-00 AT 03:15PM (EST)[p]Should we change the subject of this thread to TWINKS 4 US or THE SEARCH FOR QAF'S JUSTIN (RANDY HARRISON) LOOK ALIKES or TWINKS -- THE ENDANGERED SPECIES??? Anyone have any suggestions based on experience with any blonde bottom twinks in either Atlanta or Baltimore -- OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER? Where are they???


Seems like something some of us wand and just can't find.


How about input from both clients and escorts on this one.

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-00 AT 02:57PM (EST)[p]He is a dream! And, like someone said in the Lounge....one of my favorite things is a blonde twink with his legs in the air. There has to be someone that comes close to that in or around Atlanta. Of course, I expect that they are a hot commodity right now -- everywhere in the country.


There are definitely some good looking guys advertising in Atlanta. And, I expect to arrange to see some of them (e.g., Logan, Camden and Mark) and that they would be good candidates for someone to see on a regular basis. And, I know from experience that Chris and Joey are great guys and a lot of fun and, both have great personalities and brains as well.


But, none of these guys qualifies under my definition of a 'twink.' That's not a BAD thing -- I'm just looking for a few good twinks.


So -- where are all the blonde twinks????? Are the all in either Florida or California??? If so, maybe we need a couple of them to either move here permanently or at least visit regularly. Or, do they all have BF's and don't escort.


Let's hear from both reviewers and escorts on this.

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Good suggestion -- and, I will definitely do that. But, do you have any direct experience with any of the boys on that site? I'm interested in both Skyler and Derrick/Dirk (goes by two names depending upon site) and plan to visit via AirTran.


But, I'm having a really hard time believing that there isn't anyone in Atlanta that qualifies.


Come on guys in Atlanta -- let's hear from you!!! We know you're out there -- somewhere!

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