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Reece Rothmeier

Guest bluboy
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Has anyone been with this stud with his cop for hire website. the whole scene looks incredible and I just wanted to find out if this guy is for real. I have not seen anything about thim on this site yet. Come on boys- consumer reports-give me what you got.




p.s. how do i post a really long link?

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-04-00 AT 00:05AM (EST)[p]I'm not sure how to post a long link, but your post made me so curious that I did a search using http://www.dogpile.com to see what he was all about. Now that I've seen his site, all's I can say is Wow! It looks like getting together with him could be an very interesting experience to say the least.


I subscribe to Maximum Escorts' newsletter and they recently let subscribers know that they hired a new escort named "Reece". If you go to Maximum's site and click on the 11/05/00 update, you'll find his picture among their other new escorts. Their description of him and what he is into intigued me to the point that I made a mental note to consider setting up a session with him after the ghosts of holiday's ... whoops I mean after those darn holiday related credit card bills go away.


Now that I've seen Mr. Rothmeier's site, I'm convinced that he and Maximum's new escort are one and the same. I'm also now more intrigued than ever. As soon as there's some room in my budget, I'm going to investigate this further. It would be great if someone who's been with him could write a review. I'm extremely hesitant of hiring someone with at least some idea of what he is like


Thanks in advance.

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Guest mickcool

I have hired Reece twice (in two days!). First of all, he is by far, the most attractive man around (I too have been around!). I hesitated hiring him at first, because personally, I am not into the leather/sm scene. He assureed me that he could do "regular" stuff too. And boy did he! It felt just like making love - which is what I enjoy most - His body is UNBELIEVABLE. He is a PASSIONATE kisser, sensual, attentive . . . takes his time. I couldn't believe it . . . I recommend him HIGHLY. I've been having trouble retrieving my password, which is why I haven't posted an "official" review. I will. Don't go to him, run to him!!! Enjoy.


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