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Reviews re Mark Charles-Melbourne and Brendan/Dan-Sydney

Methinks something is afoot. Mark Charles charges A$3000/US$3000 per day. The reviewer says he spent several days with him. But how much description did we get. Very well written-almost in the same category as the escort. The mind boggles.

Now we have the Sydney lovers. I have been with Brendan once and there was never an indication of unsafe sex. However, the other part of Gus' review is quite true. Brendan is so popular that unless you get it right, it is just a wham bam thank you mam situation.

Dan is another story. Very affectionate and no rush. Likes to suck dick and have an occasional swallow. So if he and Brendan have unprotected sex and Gus is right, bit of a worry.

Probably the most shattering situation-after Tampa Yankee and S/c support of brendan, there has been a deafening silence from the rest of the world. Considering the number of clients Brendan has, where has all the support gone? Methinks it is time for reconsideration. But as usual Caveat Emptor!

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In defence of Mark, I don't believe that he wrote the review himself. He is an exceptional escort, period. I must admit that I wouldn't write a detailed account of my experience with him as it's too personal. I would endorse the claims he makes on his website. You certainly get good value for money, even though he may appear costly - enough said?


Regarding Brendan, I too found him to be wham-bam type of escort. He's a nice guy, but in my view doesn't bother about whether or not his client is satisfied. However, I also find it hard to believe that would practise unsafe sex with a client. He's not a guy who's casual about his own health.

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Guest AussieMike

I've been with Brendan twice now. There was never any suggestion of anything unsafe either time - first time I fucked him, the second time he fucked me. Can't believe someone that looks after their body that well would put it at risk not using condoms...


As for satisfaction levels - both times I was in and out (so to speak) in under an hour... but I did leave with a big smile on my face.

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