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This Week at The Gaiety (Lineup week of 11/27)

NY Observer
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No problem posting the lineup Bill. Since I went on Monday to see Maxim, I figured I should let all of you in on who was there.


Yes, it's great to see Tyler back on stage. He's a very nice guy and is quite hot looking, the All-America football jock type, I'd say (maybe more the baseball player type?).


I didn't find the show boring, especially after last week, but maybe I was just anxious because of my Thanksgiving hiatus? I would hardly call Justin's performance on stage boring, but as I always say, everyone sees the show from different perspectives and has different hot buttons.


Enjoy the day.



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Guest steveyboy


When did you first start doing the Gaiety reviews? Would you have one for the weekend of February 26/27, 1999 by any chance?

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Hi Stevey,

I think I started in October of 1999.


Is there a particular dancer you're trying to remember? If so, many of the readers here have good memories, try asking about him or describing him if you don't remember.


As for Tyler, he is a tall blond, very jockish looking, nice muscular body, decent smile, not a great dancer. To me, he looks like an all American boy, either a football or baseball jock. He is quite well endowed and seems friendly.

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