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Brendan / Sydney -- Gus' Review of 11/22 -- Does not compute!

Guest Tampa Yankee
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Guest Tampa Yankee

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I read Gus’ review of Brendan today... it just DOES NOT COMPUTE according to my experience with Brendan!!


I met Brendan for an overnight in NYC the first week of November, so the memory is fresh on this one, (as if I could forget it). The only similarities between my experience and Gus’ relate to the physical description (which could be gleaned from the photo). Brendan is a real sweetheart, he was kind, considerate and VERY attentive, no hint of abruptness or being rushed, even the next morning -- I couldn’t have asked for better care and feeding....


But the real red flag for me is this unsafe sex thing, not the Brendan I observed and I just DO NOT BELIEVE IT!! And I have reason to know --


FIRST there was never any doubt about my using a condom... he acted as though it was a matter of course, he supplied it without asking and installed it himself.


SECOND, until that trip I had been exclusively into the ‘top’ scene. Well, I can no longer say that after Brendan... and he again supplied and donned the condom without being prompted and without any hesitation.


THIRD, Brendan was traveling with his BF, Dan, who I also engaged to join Brendan and me for a few hours. (You have to stretch your wings on occasion...) They have been in a committed relationship for some time. During the evening I learned first hand, so to speak, that within their commited relationship they do enjoy condom free sex. And they are well aware of the risk they put each other at if they engaged in this behavior outside the relationship.


Fourth, I seem to recall that they both said they got the standard STD tests every six months as a matter of course, hardly the practice I'd expect of someone who engages in sexual Russian Roulet, unless they have a very slow death wish...


Both of the guys are smart and knowledgable people about health and safe sex issues, as knowledgable as I’ve seen -- and as concerned as I’ve seen. Futhermore, Brendan recently received Physical Trainer certification and specializes in sports nutrition and health issues. He is really very knowledgable and concerned about those issues which we discussed in some detail, over dinner. Also, I saw no indication that either of these guys engages in the use of illicit substances that might account for erratic behavior. I would find that eqully hard to believe based on my understanding of the commitment of these guys to their health and bodies (and their commitment definitly shows!)


In summary, based on my first hand epxerience, GUS DOES NOT COMPUTE. I suspect an agenda is afoot here -- my opinion.


P.S. I will be submitting a full review of Brendan and Dan.

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