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NYC escorts really into feet?

Guest anklewrap
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Guest anklewrap

I have a phenomenal foot fetish and am wondering if any of you can recommend any really cute escorts in NYC who really love having their feet played with; also, any who might indulge my fantasy of seeing them walk with an ace bandage on their ankle, without (or hopefully) with crutches. Thanks, all.

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Guest albinorat

>I have a phenomenal foot fetish

>and am wondering if any

>of you can recommend any

>really cute escorts in NYC

>who really love having their

>feet played with;


Actually, though I have my limits, I like feet too and have found several New York escorts who get into have THEIR feet somehow enjoyed (don't know how mutual they might be). However since this is a specialty I suspect you'd be better off putting your interest in the emails you send someone you're interested in. I don't know if the guys I saw would like that advertised in general.


also, any

>who might indulge my fantasy

>of seeing them walk with

>an ace bandage on their

>ankle, without (or hopefully) with



Well, if you supply the ace bandage and crutches I don't see why not. That sounds like fun. Though I have to say my fantasy would be to push one over! (just kidding)


Was it wrong to sign thing Albo, should I use Al instead or maybe rat?

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Guest Smoothie

i worshipped rick munroe head to toe!

he has beautiful feet and he really got off on having them played with (those moans were very sexy!)

as far as the ace bandage & crutches, i'm sure he'd accommodate if you ask!

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