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Weekend Review of The Gaiety (Oct. 20 - 21)

Guest Dunky
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Here's a brief rundown of this weekend's show. Tricks and treats came early if you know what I mean. ;-) All in all the show was a hit with the wall-to-wall Friday night crowd. Many of you have been asking me about The Gaiety site's sudden closing. I can confirm that although Denise liked the site she indefinitely shut it down to the shock and bewilderment of us all. I have no idea why. Obviously the site was helping the theatre because the place has been packin' em in. Oh well. On with the show...


1. Todd - As you know, I tend to be short and sweet in my descriptions while New York Observer goes into fuller detail. I don't consider myself as discriminate with a particular type. At the same time, this guy is just not it. Was that the Roboto he was doing or what? My old age must be catching up with me.


2. Jordan - I really was smitten with this little guy. He definitely put on a non-zombie like performance. As Shanice would say, "I Love Your Smile" cutie patootie.


3. K.C. or Casey(whichever) - He was a blond god with a very taut ripe tooshy. This hottie had it going on in all the right places.


4. Jeff - I'm not sure if he goes by his stage name "Superman Jeff" anymore, but he still looks super to me.


5. Justin - Oh he's one of those I wish would just go away. An arrogant and in my opinion loud and abnoxious straight boy who DOES NOT belong at The Gaiety. I really resent Denise for allowing guys like that to keep returning. He'll slightly alter his look each time but it's still the same cheap imitation no matter how you try and reinvent it. A few customers have told me his private shows were jokes and as far as I'm concerned so is he. Hopefully he's not here for the week.


6. Troy - This was a new blondie I haven't seen before. He appeared to be feeling his way around. Maybe he was just really nervous but he was soft his second number which is always a letdown for the audience. He definitely needed more energy and more dancing.


7. Pascal(not sure of the spelling) - He was my favorite in this week's show. The boy has it going on and resembles actor C. Thomas Howell (in his younger days anyways) who I think is absolutely to die for. He must've read New York Observer's comment about his shoes because he came out barefoot for his second number.


8. Ray - All I can say about this guy is at least his performance wasn't as dreary and nauseating as some of his past appearances. He still exhibits little life onstage.


9. Hector - I believe this boy is Hungarian and was here last week. It may have been his first time. He made an attempt at dancing which was very cute. If it weren't for the big shoes he was wearing, maybe he could've moved better.


10. Sam - He looked to be one of the oldest dancers this week. I'm up there in years so I'm the last person to criticize about age. Instead of having his hair slicked back another hairstyle might help him look younger and more hip.


11. Scott - I didn't think this guy had the looks to appeal to The Gaiety clientel. His dancing was very professional though. He gets two princess points for wearing nifty dance shoes. You go girlfriend!


12. Tom - I think this young boy was auditioning. He wasn't muscle-bound and was more twink-like. His hair was long, messy, and in his face most of the time. That certainly didn't help. It takes a lot of guts to get up there wearing nothing but a smile in front of a room full of strangers so you go boyfriend!


I guess that's it. Lots of barefoot boys this weekend's show though. Too bad New York Observer was absent. I know I didn't go through the list in the exact order. If I left anything else out or made any errors in my report, please do feel free to add your comments to this thread. I'm sure New York Observer will be back next week. I know a lot of you are disappointed the Gaiety site didn't work out, but what can I say. Ultimately Denise made the decision not to have it continue even though it was a good idea. Take care everyone and as always, play safe and be good to each other!

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