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Guest hunklover
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Guest hunklover

Recently, it seems like a good number of the escorts I try to contact by email never send a reply. I usually give a description of myself, as well as a summary of the activities I like to engage in. In my emails I try to be honest, and make it clear that I am a considerate individual and very personable. I am finding that a considerable number of guys won't respond to my emails.


Now, I do realize that there are some escorts who get too many emails to respond to them all, but how do they decide which ones to respond to? Am I giving too much information in the initial emails?


Also, does it hurt my chances of getting a quality escort if I'm a little over weight? Do most escorts not mind a client having a hairy back? Do many escorts try to limit their appointments to mainly men who are good lookng and in good shape?

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Guest albinorat

>Recently, it seems like a good

>number of the escorts I

>try to contact by email

>never send a reply.<


My first post here, about ten weeks ago was on this same topic. Since, I've had about three experiences with escorts who were a little slow to respond. Sometimes people are out of town, or very, very busy and it doesn't hurt to resend a few days later. I suspect there always will be a few who don't respond, either because they're not serious or do most of their work on the phone and are hit and mostly miss with e-mail.


>I usually give a description

>of myself, as well as

>a summary of the activities

>I like to engage in.<


That might be a little much in a first e-mail. Maybe you'd be better off just finding out availability, if they're in your area and so on. When you get a response you can go into what you're looking for.


>Also, does it hurt my chances

>of getting a quality escort

>if I'm a little over

>weight? Do most escorts

>not mind a client having

>a hairy back? Do many

>escorts try to limit their

>appointments to mainly men who

>are good lookng and in

>good shape?<


I'm sure some do; but no one who escorts would work much if they limited themselves in that way. However, again maybe it's best to wait and see if you get a response, if someone is generally available when you'd like, how much they want, before you get into yourself. I am substantially over weight and pretty homely. But my assumption is if they can't deal with that (as long as I'm clean and honorable) that's their problem. There are always other fish in the sea. It can be a turn off to insist too much that you're unattractive, since it may read as though you're looking for a counselor not an escort. Before I confirm an appointment I describe myself, but simply. I must say I have not had any problems, including with one escort who was discribed as "hating" fat people. I think bottom line is there are always some who just don't bothering responding so you try someone else.



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