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Joey of Orlando (Not Joey #2)

Guest devin
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Has anyone been with this guy? He's got great reviews here on M4M, but some say the pics he uses aren't him. I've got an overnight scheduled with him, but don't know exactly what to expect. What can you tell me?

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Hi Devin,


I don't know who Joey is but I'd suggest chatting with him and asking him how recent his pictures on the net (in the review section) are. You might even mention that there is some concern about whether his pictures in the review section are him. I have had experiences when a picture I was looking at was the same guy as in an ad, but maybe 10 years earlier. Needless to say, I felt somewhat duped.


Further, I'd have some arrangement (or at least feel you have the option) so that if you are a victim of "false advertising", you'll give him cabfare/carfare, whatever, and send him on his way without paying his fee. If he's traveling a long way to get to you, you might need to give him more, but in my mind, there is no reason for you to feel obligated to go through with an overnight with a liar (not that I am implying that Joey is a liar, I don't know the first thing about him).


Good luck! If you are having serious second thoughts, perhaps it's best to just cancel it altogether, before it becomes an issue. It's a lot of money to throw away for an overnight with someone whose identity you're unsure of. It seems like many of he folks here (probably smarter than me), won't do an overnight as a first time meeting.

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