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411 on Paulo | Manhandl - San Francisco


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First time posting an inquiry on the forums, so kindly bear with me if I'm totally doing this wrong 🙂

Seeing if anyone has any experience with Paolo in San Francisco?

Visiting the Bay Area for the next few weeks and this guy caught my eye, but not sure if no reviews on MF vs reviews on RM listing sensual and erotic (though he only has therapeutic selected on RM) is a red flag.

I did a forum search and found stuff on a lot of different Paulos, but nothing on this particular one. Links below.

Any intel would be super appreciated!




View my profile on RentMasseur.com


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Thanks for highlighting him. Somehow I’ve missed his ad but he looks great. Sounds like he’s a legit masseur who may or may not be open to more erotic technique but likely not a lot?  Though he does list “Nuru “ massage which I think is sensual?  I might try him out. Nice looking guy. 

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