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Kill Bill 20th Anniversary 4K Release


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Lionsgate is releasing a 20th anniversary of Kill Bill at the end of the year on blu ray. I so hope it is gonna be what's known as "the whole bloody affair edition". I so wanna watch the movie as one giant movie without the stupid cliffhanger ending of the first movie. *Spoiler Alerts* The film is so much better when you find out along with the bride that her daughter is still alive at the same time she does in the second film. The house of leaves scene is all in color as well, you get to see Sophie get her arms cut off by the bride, and there's an extended anime sequence as well that was also done after the initial release. Plus I would love a commentary as well from Quentin. The current releases are pretty much bare bones on extras. 


The Bride is back. Lionsgate said it is releasing a new and remastered 4K edition of “Kill Bill” to coincide with the Quentin Tarantino film’s 20th anniversary at the...


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