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Rentboy ads in secondary cities


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Hey escorts,


This is a question that has been in my mind for a while:


When you go to Rentboy and check the listings for NYC, you find a ton of ads. L.A. has just gone from an average of 34 escorts listed to around 75 just recently. San Francisco has a fair amount listed, but then other areas (Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Pac Northwest, Chicago, Boston, etc.) have very few listings at all.


Is it the cost of advertising there that causes escorts outside of NYC and L.A. to avoid Rentboy, or other factors.


I see posts from escorts here and usually check M4M reviews to see if they have any here first. If not, I then go to Rentboy, and more often than not - there is no ad.


In other threads, it was mentioned that Rentboy probably brings in the most potential clients. If this is the case, why don't more escorts outside of New York use it?

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Guest DJPerez



As a Boston bodyworker who advertises at Rentboy, I can tell you that it's not expensive to list on the site. In base dollars, it costs less per month for a 'secondary city' escort to advertise than it does for advertisers in major cities. You have to consider, however, that outside of major cities, the frequency of employment might vary, and not be as steady, thus making our "lower cost" ad take up an equivalent part of our budgets.


In my case, I haven't seen much return on my ad as of yet. I expect my being a Mature Man of Size places me in a niche market less popular than the current standard in the escort market. However, I advertise at Rentboy because I like the quality of the design of the site and the owner's refreshingly trade-positive, and community-minded approach to promoting the site and the field of escorting. Know of any other escort ad site that's directly raised funds for WTC victims? Rentboy has done that. Rentboys marching openly in a Pride parade? Rentboy has made that happen also.


Enough drum-banging; on with the response. With the many free options for advertising on the net, I can see where an escort in a less busy area might find it less of a priority to advertise on Rentboy, or any paid-for advertising site, unless it would guarantee the kind of return that would pay for itself.


There's also the matter of the competitiveness of the larger city market. I would expect that with the large number of escorts in, say, New York, to have as much advertising going to set you out from the crowd I could see as a wise investment. 'Secondary cities' may have fewer advertisers, so they get the greater percentage of calls due to less competition. If the calls are coming in, why add advertising, particularly paid advertsing? "If the clock ain't broke....."


Another factor might be the the amount of travel business the 'secondary cities' generate for escorts. I would expect that New York (even under today's post-9/11 circumstances), L.A., and San Francisco would be amongst the top cities seeing travellers who might partake of some time with an escort, thus making a site like Rentboy an excellent place to list for the escort seeking those clients. If the 'secondary city' doesn't have a big tourist trade, and the escorts in those areas are seeing mostly local business, they might not see the sense in putting cash into a site that would generate limited return, when a local print ad might work better for their needs.


Those are just a few thoughts and musings. Perhaps others can weigh in about the value of a paid Net ad in their avertising, whether it be Rentboy or elsewhere.


Peace & Pleasure!





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