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ANTM Cycle 12


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Aight,I know summa you bitches was watchin' 'Merica's Next Top Model with me last night so what's the 411 on that ho from Kenya cuz she thinks she all that but she aint all that an you can tell just by lookin at her that aint got it


but it was hella funny watchin her an that bitch from Buffalo get their catfight on an she was like all I KNOW YOU DIDN'T an the bitch was like OH NO, I KNOW YOU DIDN'T an them hands was flyin in their faces and even that bitch behind the camera was hella laughin til that queen Mr. Jay hadda come break it up


Anyway that bitch from Buffalo she was sayin to the camera I KNOW I CAN DO THIS YEAH I GOT THE SKILLS AN I GONNA SHOW EVERYONE I AIN'T JUST SOME GHETTO ASS BITCH, YOU KNOW ALL GHETTOFIED an I'm thinkin "ghettofied"??? Yeah only some bitch from the ghetto gonna come up with a word like that So anyway that bitch she lost her cool after the fight and took some bad pictures and I'm sayin bad as in bad-not-good an so they dumped her when they got down to the final 13


An that ain't cool cuz despite all that i think she had somethin, but you know we're gonna see her again cuz Tyra loves them ghetto bitches


so what' up with that girl with all the scars???? Yeah she brave 'n shit, but she ain't no model


An there some white girls on there too but you know, whatever...

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