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This week in DC


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I know in my heart I want to share this experience but I will never be able to write it in a way that will compare to the reality that has just happened here.

I will let you watch the news and view it from home.

I will say this


I am so very grateful and humbled and feel so full of Hope.


Not only because Obama is a master at bringing people together or for my own political agenda........


also because

To be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people from 6am till late afternoon freezing cold yet warmed by hugs laughs crying and friendship.


To Dance and scream loudly, to sing our hearts out till we cried at the "We are One" concert on Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial.


Just to do it all over again on Tuesday for the swearing in ceremony.


Andrew D. and I watched the sun rise and shared our blankets with others. The many good hearts and deeds of everyone around overtook us.

Even if it were snowing it would not have mattered.


Nothing could have been more amazing than to see the sun break over the Washington Monument as the sliver of a moon disappeared behind the clouds.


The genuine kindness that was the ocean of people that waited in the mall for hour after hour is beyond anything even I could have hoped for.


I heard every word spoken every song written and held the hand of my brothers and sisters from all parts of the world just to find out that.......

yes it is possible.... yes people really do care.


and yes people can be loving in the coldest hour.


I am so very much in awe of this week in DC.


I hope you were inspired in someway that is special for you.


Love David-SF

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I know what you mean. I was in Chicago on Michigan Avenue the night of the election. The euphoria was palpable and the joy evident in everyone's faces on that magical night. Strangers hugged and high-fived. I'll never forget it. I was not able to be in D.C. for the inauguration, but can only imagine that it was similar. I watched the festivities with colleagues in my office and similarly feel full of hope for the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I live 12 miles from the Washington Monument and I didn't even watch the inaguration on TV (in fact my TV has been unplugged for over a month).


I don't understand all the hoopla.


But I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to DC. The crowds would have been unbearable to me.



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