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A Few Thoughts About the Forum


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As may of you know, I was a lurker for several years and stayed one for so long because I didn't want to get into the mud with the juvenile characters that populate this, and any, forum.


Also, my heroes Doug69 and FinFangFoom didn't need my help. But like anyone with even a modicum of sense, they finally had enough with the putrescence that passes for intellectualism on this forum.


Someone asks a provocative question or expresses a thought that deviates from the group thought and immediately they're labeled a troll or a right-wing nutcase, when, in fact, they're neither. And when they defend themselves and call out the nutcase who attacked them, they're threatened even further. Who has the patience for THAT?


It's ironic that the very people who champion free speech are the first ones who want to squash the speech of someone who disagrees with them.


I understand that I don't own this site and the owner has the perfect right to do whatever he wants with it and if I don't like it I don't have to come here.


However, I have a problem with the hypocrisy that rears its head all too often. It's perfectly fine for the drones to attack those they disagree with but it's off-limits to give as good as you get.


If a thread is offensive to Daddy then close the thread. If you don't want a thread revived then close the thread.


If Daddy doesn't want people treating Benjamin Nicholas like a piñata, then here's an idea - don't accept reviews of him and remove him from the site entirely. He's a polarizing figure on this site so if you don't like the animus that accompanies the mention of his name you have it within your power to remove him completely.


If you don't like reading posts with people having hissy fits then don't read the thread. If you don't like Top Chef then change the channel.


People need to realize that these forums are pretty much impossible to manage because who has the time to sit there all day reading every single post. You have to trust that people aren't going to do things completely reprehensible like posting kiddie porn, pictures of Sylvester Stallone's mother without her make-up or revealing identities.


Speaking of which, for those who have forgotten, and I'm not one of those, years ago FFF left for a long time because he was threatened with exposure by no one less than HooBoy because HooBoy was so pissed at him. I suspect that, although he didn't wish death on Hooboy, he wasn't too torn up by the news of his passing.


I use this example because the theme of this forum can cause potential problems for the people who participate. If you piss off the wrong person, SOMEONE can reveal who you are and believe it or not, there are people on this forum who are public figures and they don't want problems. It's not like we're discussing episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and who gives a shit if you piss off another poster.


What makes this, or any, forum interesting is the cast of characters. Even if you despised Doug69, you were interested in hearing what he had to say and even if you loathed FFF, he made you think and laugh.


However, because the bullshit level can get so high on this forum that it drives away the best and keeps other interesting lurkers from participating because who really wants to get into a pissing match with a mental defective.


I don't mind doing it because there's a certain sport in pointing out the weakness of someone's (non)argument and then watching their head explode. However, like Doug69 and FFF before me, I too will reach my saturation point and take a break from the relentless idiocy that permeates so many threads. If you haven't noticed, I stopped posting in the political forum, not because I thought I was "losing" (which I wasn't) but rather it's pointless to try to have a discussion with people who would rather call you names than actually defend their position based upon the facts.


I haven't reached my saturation point yet, but I feel awfully bloated.

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