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Fetish for straight guys?


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I saw on another string someone respond that they liked straight guys. I also read on Sean Cody's website that he grew up in a conservative Mormon state, and he prefers straight guys himself (or apparently guys who represent themselves as straight). He describes most of the guys on his site as straight, then proceeds to show them fucking each other and cumming all over each other.

My personal experience is that guys who claim to be straight are really lousy in the sack. Outside the escorting world, they often seem to have to get drunk first (or watch straight porn), and escorts who identify themselves as straight are even worse. My guess is I'd probably be lousy at making love to a woman, too.

So what's up with this fetish for straight guys? Am I the only one who gets turned off when a guy identifies himself as straight? I wish he would keep it quiet if these guys really are straight. It ruins the fantasy for me. I suppose if you pay a straight guy enough money, you can make him have sex with you, but how could it possibly be as good as with a guy who enjoys himself in the sexual act??

Or is the fetish for straight guys internalized homophobia from someone growing up with a conservative background? Like it's not cool to have sex with a "faggot" or something?

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Guest Wetnwildbear

I prefer, if any, the Label - Men who Love Having Sex with Other Men!


Once you tell me you are straight -


"Straight" says to me Straight for the Wallet - dont care so mcuh


about the fun!

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Unicorn....you made some good points, including the fact you like to have sex with a guy who is really enjoying it also....


I am one of the guys who prefers "straight"-acting guys...gotta say I am somewhat turned-off (though slowly getting more tolerant) by "gay"-acting guys and think a man should act like a man and a woman should act like a woman...when watching porn, I definitely go toward the "straight guys having gay sex" scenes, however straight they really are....note how many porn sites tout something like, "frat, jock, locker room, military, cop"-type guys...i.e. straight guys.....


currently occasionally meeting with a very masculine guy and I'm gaining great experience and education with these hook-ups...still amazed that this guy is gay...

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I must say that I acquired a taste for straight guys from my gay friends. In latino/hispanic communities, many gays would not think of having sex with another gay. It's simply a non-issue for them. When I started out, I did go out with other gay men both here in Puerto Rico and in New York, of course. However, when I relocated back to PR in the early 80s, my friends began giving me grief about going out with gays. They saw it as weird and would say that I should try real men. They would pick up guys at the river or the beach and introduce them to me. At first, I was a bit hesitant, but I soon found out that many of these guys (after a few beers and away from their buddies) were hot to trot and willing to do just about anything two men can do to each other. My friends, I took that road many years ago and have never looked back!

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Latino..The discussion of Straight comes up around here every once in a while. It usually takes a sharp turn when "Mannerisms" start being discussed.


"Beer Queers" as we called guys in my youth when they would get into it with obvious gay guys by RECIPROCATING means either BI or Gay! ALL Guys are just genetically Horney to keep the Species going and will do alot to get a NUT OFF! ;-)


Those Gay Guys who have decided that Straight 8 is the way they like to get a Nut Off is very cool. But the "options" aren't as great as

the Gay GUYS BY FAR! ;-)

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I too prefer "straight-acting" guys.

I would define "straight-acting" as

a guy who is not obviously steriotypically

gay/effeminent. As far as any limitations

that a "straight" guy may pose - I would

agree that in the latin community you

will find the most passionate, adventurous,

"straight" guys arround. The guys I meet in

Brazil are for the most part married or have

a long-term girlfriend and have children, yet

these super-masculine guys kiss and caress you

all over, suck you deeply and with gusto, and

then raise their ankles to be fucked over and

over again, and then will cuddle with you all

night long.




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Oh, I like masculine guys also, just not straight ones. It's interesting that in most movies and TV shows, gay characters usually seem to portrayed by straight actors. I guess that makes them gay-acting. I've always wondered if gay actors therefore must have a difficult time being gay-acting??

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:-) :-) :-) :-)


As far as the guys of manila were concerned...THEY were all straight guys! The local culture sort of propagate the myth of"Kikidlat" Lightniong strikes two gay men, having sex...ergo, it is natural for men... fifferent kinds of men to have sex with another man: for experience (twinks especially want to experience gay sex as a prelude to heterosexual sex)as a DARING act of manhood, For money and for shall I say, companionship.


Most of the men I dated in Manila are self proclaimed Straight men, a majority of whom are married with children and confession to having paid gay sex for money. N.B. the daily minimum wage of the masses is Php 330 (?) at the exchange rate of Php46 to 1$...do the math and you will understand that foreigners...most especially Americans are a welcome sight to the men of Manila.


I do have a penchant to bed a straight man...in Europe and the USA, I only hire masculine acting men...in Manila, I do not have to try hard to find a fantastic man...They are everywhere, and as I mentioned somewhere in this board...Everyone has a price: from the pampered rich guy to the poor farmer, who is married with children or yes!!! models, PR people, Class B actors...name the strata and you will find a man willing and able to do your bidding. Versatile as I admit, I am...I had fun Flip Flopping on a daily basis...even on a given night! :p


Straight men fetish? I wish!!!!!:p

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