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Manila By Night


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:-) :-) :-) :-) I am in manila and am having :o a ball. I hav:o been out ev:o ry night and have ben having a great time. Watch for my reviews and my reactions to :-( he scenes.



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>Tell us more. Tell us more. Since I will soon be living in

>Thailand and Manila is not so far away it is very interesting

>to me. Surely others share this interest.


>the Cajun


And here I thought you were going to break out a little ditty from Grease.





[email protected]

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2 months and counting!

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:-) :-) :-) :-)




Manila is a paradise...but the provinces and the islands are heaven on earth! In Manila despite the plumeting dollar rates I had fun... Fun...FUN! Do I have a lot of places to reports. I don't know how to begin.


First, tell me how to post pics of the guys I met in the forum...No underage boys...jsut fun loving so young looking twinks of all ages. I met several whose ID I had to examine well before even inviting them to dinner ( I usually go for them as desserts! :) )


I went to Manila's versions of bath houses, a several bars, massage parlors, brothels, go go boys shows, but I mostly enjoyed cruising the islands and having fun with the guys...I think as a local told me...most anyone is bed- ble in the islands. It is just a matter of finding the right button...or should I say the right presentation of your romantic scenes (and I do have a lot).


I also introduced the forum and the review sites to many gay business operators, independent (indie) movie directors, writers, gay writers and a hosts of gay personae in the islands.


Gardo the escort/masseur and I had a falling out for a brief week -- I did not know he intended for me to just have him during my stay... so whenever he sees me with someone, he ignores me or worst treats me bad. We did laughed about it when I told him, I was not a BF material, that like him...I was on a mission: Him to find clients, me to find fun loving guys. Of course, I told him he will have a good amount of new visitors in the Spa because he is a super masseur and a mega hot escort.


I met and befriended many massage parlor bosses and was treated with respect and so much attention, I dread to bitch when things go wrong, coz in some instances, they did.


Does anyone have any preferences on which ones I should talk about?


Bankok was fun, but I only stayed a couple of nights--- I wanted to experience Manila. I don't regret the decision.


And Seoul was a good one day excursion.





:7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7

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:-) :-) :-) :-)


recommend a site to D/L the pics please. I am not sleepy tonight and may find the cable to connect my PC to my Cam.



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:-) :-) :-) :-)


I randomly took pics from my cellphone (Blackberry Curve --- wonderful cellphone!...don't you think?)and loaded it in the host site u mentioned. Hopefully, I was successful in loading them. so here goes.:p



THE BOYS of MANILA (Please note: ALL THE GUYS ARE LEGAL at 18 years of age and above. I think I need to say that :p



ART: A wonderful guy, who looks a million times better in person.





Ruen: Former go go boy. Motorcycle fanatic.





Randy L: Sweet Twink boy/man at 29 years of age. I did ask for his ID :p



IAN: More bufffed and better looking in person. Cherubic face and personality.




Francis: Flirt and Sexual fantasy innovator :p


alt="image hosting by http://www.picturehosting.com/" />


The Boys after dinner one night



Brix: Kind and gentle soul. Sweet and gives his all for a BF experience.




I don't remember his name. I was drunk and he seduced me. :)




Bong; A one night stand, who called me 5 times a day, pursuing a possible relationship. Of course, I know what he really wanted! $$$



Red: Escort



Brix and Kim outside a massage parlor



KIM: Sweet married guy, who told me he lives with his wife and a gay man for months. whew!



Ajay: Friendly and warm conversationalist.


alt="image hosting by http://www.picturehosting.com/" />



ALEX: Gym Buff and Self Professed gay for Pay





Jason: Arrogant yet Warm person on a one on one level.




AJ: I think he had eye surgery to have some eylid folds! :p



TROY: Married, gay for Pay, Good Oral Skills and my flip flop for the right amount.






Blind date! I forgot his name. :p lol




Bobby: Internet chat buddy; Fitness instructor 29 but still firm and juicy!



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THE Men of HILOM Massage and SPA.


The owner is a young and energetic engineering graduate of a very exclusive school in the philippines. he used to work as an engineer in Singapore and found out his true calling! He is a born to be gay business owner. He is asking all the massage parlors in Manila and surrounding cities to form a strong gay organization to protect the boys and to draw in foreign customers. I will give you his particulars if you have plans to go to Manila. By the way, he is definitely a very masculine exotic looking chap -- I asked him for a session and he refused on account that he is monogamous with his Singaporean partner. :p At least I asked ! :)



In the meantime. Please visit his website:



The masseurs can be viewed with a password. i will gladly provide. Please e-mail me. :)

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RE: How exactly did you find guys?


:7 :7 :7 :7 :7


I went to the Embassy...a straight bar...and to some Pussy bars where women strips...And as the guys go out of the joint...It was very easy to invite them for a drink or coffee...:p


As for Alex. I found him in a Spa. It is called Equanimity SPA. Francis and Troy, those 2 straight gays for pay, were employed by Hollywood SPA, owned and operated by a former masseur.


:9 :9 :9 :9 :9 :9


But now I am sure of your type. Gardo from the est SPA, HILOM, will suit your fantasy and taste. Watch for the review I made of him. Gardo is a managing masseur (?) of HILOM.


The website is http://www.Hilom.com. Go to the therapist site...enter the password I will provide if you message me. :p I dont want to get a Happy new year jolt if I post the password here. :)

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