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411 on JesseStone - new in Vegas


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He’s working at LeBoy in FLL this weekend. I had a chance to spend some time with him (including a private dance).  

He’s a very sweet guy and has a number of interests. We talked about everything from geology to fitness to writing. 

He’s seeing clients while he’s in town. I’ll considering an appointment for Tuesday when my schedule is free. 

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11 hours ago, Jostar said:

Just saw him recently like a hour ago. My God is hot in real person. Very hot in the sheets. Hungry for sex. Best night of life. Also he a real sweetheart :)

Was this in Chicago? Anyone know if he has a listing for just massage?  And damn glad it was great!

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6 hours ago, hwic04 said:

Bump. I plan on hiring him later this summer. But I’d like to hear from someone who’s already met him. Please post orcDM. Thanks.

I seen him. Pm me 

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