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Erika Girardi (RHOBH) vs. Jen Shah (RHOSLC) vs. Bravo?

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Is it just me or has Erika Girardi been hit harder by public opinion than Jen Shah? If so, why is that? Is it because RHOSLC is just starting?

Neither have been convicted (actually not sure if Erika has been charged of anything yet) and there is probably a long journey with the court system for each woman, but given current state, would or should Bravo keep both in their respective franchises?

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Living in Australia I have not been able to view the SLC housewives show.


HOWEVER I have watched every episode of BH.


Erika Gerardi  has not been charged with anything, at worst she was a rich older mans wife, who was kept in the dark as far as what he was really doing at the office, and where the money came from.

While Erika might come across as cold, she isn’t she is just very controlled.  I doubt if she would protest her innocence if she wasn’t !!

I find it bizarre that the US attitude is that the minute someone is associated with a crime or a moral breach is that person is judged as guilty, before the Westminster system of justice kicks in and make her innocent until the courts can prove she is guilty.



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It's because EJ made her wealth the cornerstone of her character.  

But, JS's time is coming.  Her first assistant flipped on her.  She's fucked...  Looking at a minimum of 10 years.

What EJ is now doing on social media is just misguided: Sure, she's getting attention for the crap she's shilling, but it's the kind of attention that will shred the goodwill of a court.  She could have spent this last 8 months in apology-mode, but instead decided to keep poking the bear.  We shall see.

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