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Burglars beware!


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6 minutes ago, BSR said:

I was wondering how one man, even at 6'5" & 300 pounds of muscle, could overpower two able-bodied men without a firearm, which is not mentioned in the original story.

Damn... do you ever stop blaming the victim(s) for not fighting back their rapist?

He's 6'7... not 6'5, I guess you're not a lawyer. Details do matter. 

7 hours ago, Mjonis said:

I'm not sure this is true (just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it so--LOL), but anyway:


I will admit, just looking physically at The Wolfman, he is kinda hot, but I don't condone (or want) to be raped.


 Don't post his address or several forum members will rush there trying to get the same treatment without paying for it. Obviously after he gets out of jail. 


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