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savannah georgia


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Either rent a car or find a tour of the swamp/marshlands nearby - a unique environment with friendly alligators.
River street is a fun stroll - fresh laffy taffy, to go drinks, drunk college kids.
Clube One is the premiere gay bar. I don't know if Lady Chablis is still performing (or alive) but they have drag and such.
The Old Pink House is a lovely restaurant and bar with a piano.
Bed and Breakfasts are the place to stay in Savannah.
Be careful where you are at night because it can be unsafe.

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I spent a couple of days in Savannah 15 years ago. I stayed in one of the historic hotels on the river, don't recall which. Lots of things were walking distance so I just left my car in the garage. Club One was fun, unfortunately Lady Chablis passed away 5 years ago. I did the trolley tour during the day, with a few strolls around. I also did a "Haunted Tour". It started in a cemetery and went around to a few other places including a property that was featured on a ghost hunting TV show. I think some of the effects were staged, but we all had a good time.  I would have gone back, but life took me to the other side of the country.

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I love Savannah it's a great town to visit with a lot of history.  I travelled there often for work when we had a big project with a company down there.  There's a great hotel on the river with a rooftop bar/restaurant thats a lot of fun.  Waling around the city there are some great stores and shops.  It can get a little hot/humid in the summer but it's one of my favorite places to visit. Had a great couple of hook ups with a couple (separately) while I was there and fell for a cute blond scruffy kid on Scruff who worked as an airplane mechanic.

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