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Seattle: Handsome and hung?


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1 hour ago, Drew Collins said:

When in Seattle (which admittedly isn't very often these days).....I'm all about Joel!  


When he was David In Seattle he was my ultimate wish list guy in the aughts. Nice to see him still working and being more up front with his face pics, is he very hung? Looking through his old erection pics I'm wondering if he was sort of just the higher end of average.

I'd post them here but I don't know if the rules have changed on the forum now, regarding erection pics.

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On 8/4/2021 at 10:28 PM, Franco said:

I haven't been to him but I once subscribed to his OnlyFans. Very impressive!  I think some other forum members have had sessions with him.


I also subscribed to his OnlyFans profile for a few months. Very sexy guy, nice photos and videos -- but I got tired of paying to see multiple photos and videos of him jacking off a twink. He never posted videos or images of any other body type, so that's a bit of a red flag.

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