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411 on Kieran Night in NYC


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1 hour ago, FunGuyUS said:

I seem to remember his old profile and conversations that were pleasant but never seemed to go anywhere.   Then there seemed to be a PNP focus.  I passed because he seemed unreliable.  His new profile explicitly has no PNP. 

I hope he is coming back with a new customer service approach. Communication with him has been difficult in the past.

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On 4/5/2023 at 3:20 AM, BaronArtz said:

"I’m actually held up in my bed right now though, fell earlier and ankle is messed up. Will let you know how I’m feeling in a little bit but mug by have to be for another day."

What can I say?  Some people have interesting lives.

I had a similar experience with a different NYC-based escort, who’s relatively new to the scene (ad 1st appeared around January). Over the course of a few days of texting and rentmen messenger we’d booked a 2-hour session for 5pm on a Saturday.  I didn’t receive a prompt response to my confirmation text around 12-noon, but less than an hour before our appointment, he texts me that he’s “deathly ill” and can’t come.  I told him to take care of his health and we could reschedule for the following week.  I’ve never heard from this guy again, but he must have miraculously survived his brush with death because his ad is always up on rentmen with the green “available now” light on, including on the very night of our botched meeting! 😂

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