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Lehman Brothers downsized me

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Lehman Brothers downsized me one week before their bankruptcy announcement. Soon after that, they took away my compensation package.


I know that I am not the only one affected by the financial meltdown and there are tons of people pounding the pavement looking for jobs.


In order for me to stand out, I have to look for unusual ways of looking for a job.


Career counselors encourage people to network, network, and network. Well, I am networking through this forum. Hey, you never know. Escorts, who work with clients in every field, read this forum, and clients in every field read this forum as well. Sounds like a perfect place to ask around.


I am basically a database developer with web design skills. I excel in a financial reporting situation or document management situation (I worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years). If you know of a position or a recruiter that you highly recommend (don't give me a recruiter that has NOT given you a job -- I have plenty of recruiters who give me dead ends), then send me an email.


I am located in Newark NJ, and commute to NYC. I am willing to relocate to another place if the job fits and near a big city with a major airport hub. I like to travel.


As a bonus, if you help me land a job, I will pay for an escort session.

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Sorry you (and all the rest of us) are having these troubles. I don't know of any thing but I will keep my eyes open.


However, I do hope you intentionally wrote, "I excell in a financial reporting situation..." because that would indicate you may have lost your job but not your sense of humor.


Best regards,


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