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1950s Hot Men

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I fondly remembered the old Perry Mason TV series, so when the DVD edition started to roll out a few years ago, I snapped them up. One of the great highlights of this 1950s TV series is seeing some of the hot actors of the time. There are lots of very hot young men in this series, which is set in Los Angeles where you never see guys bundled up in heavy overcoats, right?


Anyway -- here's a discovery of a youthful appearance of one of our current gay ikons - George Takei, the former Star Trek actor who was recently married to his boyfriend in L.A. In the third season of Perry Mason, which just recently became available, the fourth episode, there is a VERY young George Takei. The episode is The Case of the Blushing Pearls, aired on October 24, 1959, and Takei has a substantial role as a lovesick young accountant, the object of whose affections, a shy young Japanese girl, is defended by Perry Mason on a murder rap.


Of course, Raymond Burr, who plays Perry Mason, was gay as well - but the one in the series who always got me hot was William Hopper, Hedda Hopper's son, who plays detective Paul Drake.


This same episode features another hot young blond guy in a leading role, who has great arms!!


Anyway, the series is worth viewing for any nostalgist with an eye for hot guys. I wonder whether the gay Mr. Burr had any role in selecting the guest talent?

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Yes! Thru the late '60s I lived on afternoon Perry Mason reruns.


>The episode is The Case of the Blushing Pearls




>the one in the series who always got me hot was

>William Hopper, Hedda Hopper's son, who plays detective Paul



Yes again!




...No takers on what may have been going on between perpetual loser Ham Burger and perenially befuddled Lt. Trask? (Below, both inexplicably on the same side of the courtroom as Drake and Perry's uber-beard, Della Street.)



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Perry was and is still also one of my favorites. I am happy to here they have the DVD sets. I will check out Netflix but my mother has been notorious for buying me worthless gifts for Christmas that are difficult to return or exchange. Maybe I will have something I will actually enjoy.


I always enjoyed the interchange between Perry and Lt. Tragg (not Trask). This is one of the major departures between the characters written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Lt. Tragg in the written version is much younger and a stud, however, Ray Collins is one of those character actors that just fit the role. Like most great TV shows it is the ensemble of the cast that sold the show. Ray Collins death in 1965 was not a major problem as they had been bring different characters for a period while Ray was ill but it did lose a little.


Little did I know the courtroom stuff was all wrong on the judicial system. Actually nearly failed a social studies test in 9th grade because I could remember the show process instead of the real process.

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