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The HUNKS of Dancing With The Stars!

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I was never a follower of this reality show till this week. I watched the show thinking of nelly boys wiggling their tush and doing grand jetes. :p


To my surprise, I found the women very attractive, one actually look like a beautiful TV I met before. and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes.


I like the Cody contestant, the blonde dancer with the last name of Hughes (?) and the Mazo guy. Sorry, I was not listening to the names, just watching the TV w no sound :)



I think the marketing and branding person involved in the show tried his/her best to cater to the variety of taste in the viewing audience.


Do you have a favorite? I never thought straight (?) guys can wiggle better than many queens I know.


Who is your favorite LOOKER and who is Your Favorite Dancer and who is your favorite couple to win it all?

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I think this year's cast lacks the requisite "star' hunks that we have been treated to in past seasons, for example, last year's finalist telanovela star Christien De la Fuente or soap star Cameron Mathieson.


I'm not too sure any of the dancing stars really do it for me this year. Rocco DiSpirito just doesn’t do anything for me. He does give off a gay vibe however, and I’m told he often goes to clubs with Jai Rodriquez, formerly of “Queer Eye..”. Sorry, Lance Bass, that goes for you, too.


Some of the dancing pros are back and some have left. Conspicuously absent this year is Jonathan Roberts, who despite his very bad hair replacement looked and acted very "gay friendly." Also gone this year is pro dancer Louis Van Amstel, who was dropped in one of the prior seasons for having words with judge Carrie Ann Inaba.


Back again is dancing pro stud Maxim Chmerkovsky who seems unusually quiet this year. One wonders if his absence from last season wasn't a result of ego clashes with other cast members or producers.


Of course, I’m always excited to see pros Derek Hough and Mark Ballas dance. I think they are two of the best the show has to offer. They are incredible dancers and choreographers. I have been told that they are “roommates.”


This year, it’s Cloris Leachman who is having a ball and creating all kinds of wonderful havoc on the show. While perhaps not the most talented of the bunch, she’s to be given a lot of credit for getting up there at age 82 and providing a lot of entertainment.


Still, it’s early in the season and one wonders if there will be any drama this year to fill the shoes of seasons past with escapades like Heather Mills losing her leg, Marie Osmond’s fainting spell and Christien De la Fuente’s arm injury.



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I die when that Arse swivle and those hips gyrate. Derek makes my bells ring and in a funny way mya G-Dar gives a silent beep!





This face photo is hot...I wonder what the mouth can do!:p




Oh yeah he can look sinister yet sexy and willing (?) able (?) :p


I did not find a shirtless or nude photo on the net, unless some have photo shop editions. :p




I dreamt I am the Ballas boy, in my prime as a 20 year old, making some dance move with derek.



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Guest zipperzone

>I think this year's cast lacks the requisite "star'

>hunks that we have been treated to in past seasons, for

>example, last year's finalist telanovela star Christien De la

>Fuente or soap star Cameron Mathieson.


I quite agree. The so-called "stars" are a snooze...

The professional dancers are a different matter however. Great bods and buns.


>Of course, I’m always excited to see pros Derek Hough and Mark

>Ballas dance. I think they are two of the best the show has

>to offer. They are incredible dancers and choreographers. I

>have been told that they are “roommates.”


Really? I thought that Derek was straight.....


>Still, it’s early in the season and one wonders if there will

>be any drama this year to fill the shoes of seasons past with

>escapades like Heather Mills losing her leg,


I don't think she actually lost it (if my memory is correct). The fun was the expectation that she might.

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>Of course, I’m always excited to see pros Derek Hough and Mark

>Ballas dance. I have been told that they are “roommates.”


I'm not sure there's anything to the "roommate" situation. From what I understand Derek and Julianne Hough lived with the Ballas family for several years while training with Mark's father.

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Jonathan is married to one of the instructors on the show, I think Edita (sorry terrible at spelling). The male instructors are all great looking. The cast of stars has no gorgeous guys to follow this year. Please Cody is only 18, he is very good looking but compared to the male instructors, end of the line.


Derek has been popular on the circuit being shown with various lady friends and could be a front but many reports things got hot and heavy with the model he was on the show with last season. Of course he gets the married model this season and she is smokin' after having four kids.


For me so far Cloris has stolen the show.

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The Cody boy is like a Cary Grant wannabee at his tender age of 18! I like Cody because he can wiggle and shimmie and smile a lot in the dance floor while leading the female professional dancer.



DEREK Hough!!!!!!!!!! Now he is a hottie!!!!!!!!! :p




I love his blonde hair flipping when he dances. her almost always touches it! he reminds me of a Farah Fawcette and her hot blonde locks cum smiling bright teeth pposterposter.


I like to see him develop him exhibit dancing prowess -- he seems pliable enough, flexible enough and dtermined enough to stay for the duration of the reality show...Julianne and her makes a bombshell of a blonde duo.


The Maksim guy is nicely built! :p




The Young Ballas can serve as my flourescent BALLA_st! :)


I love when the "ROOMIES" dance together...



That soft beep from my G Dar is annoying, when I mentioned their names together. :p



I like Lance Bass for many years. I realised he was gay when he appeared in that forgettable movie shot in Chicago. Somehow, my G-Dar always run out of batteries when he kisses and hugs the female lead! I love his baritone voice. Although on last week's telecast. I noticed his teeth are so white -- they blinded me. His eyebrows are well arched and yes...he did gain a little weight. But for the likes of me, I do not seem to be able to match him up with a significant other. anyhoo. I cheer him on. Viva G!




BTW, before his partner was announced, I heard a lot of wags, bet the studio will partner him with a male dancer...presumably Mark Ballas! Ahem! did they chicken out for fear of the puritan right wings?



I do not know the other cast members...but maybe I will pay more attention next week!


The Rocco guy despite his pasta projection seem hot!



The old Ballas is not bad either.


There is another smooth bod dancer, whose name escapes me.


But do post your favorite dancers ...male or female.


I do like Cheryle Burke. Did she gained weight or I am just imagining things? I do have a new Hi Def TV! Maybe it is an illusion.




Karina Smirnoff is also good looking -- reminds me of Marios ....hehehe escapades into dating game with her.



I also love the female dancers costumes...even the 82 year old actress seem oozing with sex appeal...Botox, laminates and all. I am sure the scent of Ben Gay perfumes the ballroom when she dances! I adore her stealing-the-show antics! I hope I will be as bubbly as her when I reach that age! :)



I hope the guys will do a lot of dances in skimpy costumes...enough of the bullfighter, the matadors, and the playboy look! I am sure the G- Audience will soar if they start showing more skin! Ever wondered how Mario Lopez would have done in a skimpy sppedo ala Greg Louganis? I now think the judges the televiewers would have voted more for him! Something like this Outfit! How about it 2009 guys??


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DWTS pro-dancer Jonathan Roberts is married to Anna Trebunskaya. You may remember her from last season as the aggresive little redhead who partnered with Steve Guttenburg. She got ill during one of the shows and her husband Jonathan stepped in and danced a "man-go" with Steve. Perhaps one of the funniest moments of the show.


I'd like to think Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are gay. "Think' being the operative word there. Hotties for sure! The entertainment business isn't the most gay-friendly business, so it is possible that they hide their sexuality to protect their image. After all, aside from the gay audience, there must be millions of young and older woman drooling over these two! Note that Lance Bass's sexuality hasn't exactly been promoted this season and I doubt Tom Bergeron or Samathan Harris are going to bring it up! There is no doubt in my mind we'll be seeing close up shots of his same-sex partner in the audience any time soon!


And YES, Cheryl Burke must have been carb-loading on her hiatus from the show. Her booty sure looked extra-licious this season!


Recent reports say that "star-dancer" Warren Sapp has gotten a case of "diva-attitude" on the set and has been cursing out assistants and others. Other cast members are hoping he will soon be voted out!



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Thanks Ed for the correction on who Jonathan is married to. Knowing part of a story can be dangerous.


Gay or not the roomies are still nice fantasy material.


So how about Mark dancing against his dad on the show. Much prefer Dad's partner Cloris to the fake celebrity Mark got stuck with this turn.

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