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In the news section today Daddy included an article lifted from Gay wired I think. It was about the recent appearance of The New Kids on The Block on the Today Show and The View. The gist of the article was that questions regarding openly gay Jonathan Knight were avoided seemingly on purpose and recalled the glaring omission by NBC not mentioning the sexual preference of the Gold Medalist Australian Platform Diver .


I don't think the two cases are similar. NBC has since apologized for what they call an oversight. I think what is going on with TNKOTB is way different. These boys are making a comeback and promoting a new album. It is highly likely that the promoter and/or Album label has declared the sexuality of Jonathan off limits and has specified such to any and all TV and Radio outlets who do interviews. The fact that someone like Perez Hilton discusses it doesn't invalidate my theory.

But I would bet real money that since Jonathan is openly out, it isn't his unwillingness to discuss it or in NBC's case (after the Olympic debacle) their desire to purposely avoid the topic.


My money is on the guy who stands to lose money if America decides it doesn't want it's kids to spend money on a gay guy's new album as the main culprit for the don't ask...don't tell interviews.

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