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Speaking of legs

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Here's a swell pair.


http: //3.bp.blogspot.com/_KJ-ozqy1P8k/SLHzI8CokzI/AAAAAAAAJNI/6Bv8no7MBoU/s1600-h/gym3.jpg[/i]


Of course I'm fascinated too about the circumstances of the picture. It looks amateur in some ways (background untidy), but not-so in others (2 lighting sources). It appears to have been taken in some kind of cabin (woods out the window, and wood finishes everywhere).


And who's got workout equipment in a vacation cabin? So maybe it's not a vacation cabin. And what was it for? With everything getting posted now, who can say?


Mysteries solved or not, it still made my morning to see a strapping hunk of guy lift his shirt to show me his butt. :9


Shouldn't your morning start that way, too? :+

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