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Does your mood affect your desire for ....

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Something unusual and strange has happened to me. I have had a few rough weeks where (never before in my life) friends and colleagues turned on me and made me feel quite bad in unrelated situations. Oddly enough, it was unsollicited as far as I can tell, and came from all sorts of unconnected sources who don't even know each other (people at work; on committees; in social settings, etc.) I always get along with everyone ... So, it has left me in an unusual frame of mind: sort of down on myself and feeling like I am not really appreciated .... So, I found myself really fantasizing about and wanting all sorts of hot sexual encounters (not violent ones) with some of the working boys ....


Does this ever happen to others (i.e. looking for all sorts of working guys when your down ... is there a correlation? Or am I really strange ... oh and by the way, guess what I will be doing for Labor Day Weekend?????


I look forward to reading your various opinions. Oh yeah. and will it work????

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I think it is totally natural to want to treat

yourself to a good time to cheer yourself up a

bit. Sounds like a great idea!


It is only natural that stress and sex can at

times be correlated. Also, going through a tough

situation has been known to have that kind of

unusual effect that can totally make you want

to release tension.


I once attended a really sad funeral for a friend

(who was gay and died young from a genetic illness).

After a really emotional funeral we were treated to a

reception with refreshments in the church basement.

Add in about a dozen or more younger guys who were

gay/bi + lots of stress + emotions and again, bingo.

It became the oddest thing, everyone started to flirt

after a while. I got a couple of phone numbers which

just felt really odd. I have never dealt with so much

grief and sadness and then experienced a situation

like that just minutes later. Instead of being

drained, all that emotion got some of the guys

really charged up. I think that stressful or

difficult emotional situations and sex can go

together in unexpected ways.



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Guest ryan2552

I think its good to use positive outlets, like hiring, to give yourself a break from daily stress. But if you feel that it will cure your blues and it doesn't then that can be trouble. The letdown will be so great it might do more damage.


So keep your expectations reasonable, just have fun and don't expect anything other than that.

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