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Million Dollar Listing, Season 2 on Bravo

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Well, it's been back a few weeks and it's gotten conspicuously gayer. Yippee! I do miss the older Jewish couple who were real comic relief I must admit.


But this year we have three brokers: Chad, Josh, and Madison. Yes, very gay names.


Only Josh is described as gay; Madison says he swings both ways; Chad says he's straight.


Madison is, by far, the hottest one. Classically handsome with a smokin' hot body which they never fail to show off by having him in the shower "getting ready." He seems sweet and nice.


Josh is a piece of work -- very twinky in build -- with a collection of bizarre friends and then that old crone of a grandmother of his.


Chad, the straight, one hardly seems straight at all. And he has easily a haircut one hasn't seen on TV since the 1960s. He seems like a real bitch.


They are all rich -- hardly seem to need their jobs.


But, so far, it's been great fun and Chad and Josh even had a bitch fight.


Highly recommended!

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Guest josephga

josh was arrested awhile back for art theft but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. I do love Joshs grandmother

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I was wondering.. where did u get your info on "who's gay and who's not?" I haven't read anything about any "personal" info on any of them. I would of guessed the exact opposite after the episodes I have seen.. Madison being the one open gay, the one with the mushroom haircut being the closeted one, and the one with the grandmother as being the straight one..


Especially "mushroom".. he seems like the one trying to put up a big straight front, but in person is a power bottom who likes to pull trains.. Madison seems like your average early 20 gay boy.. he is who he is.. and "grandma's boy" seems like the most spoiled brat..


oh well.. just my opinions..

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I get my information from the show. It was mentioned in several episodes that Chad is the straight one (his girlfriend has been featured prominently); when Madison went on a date with a man he said quite clearly that he is attracted to the "person" and it could be a man or a woman ... and Josh and his friends have held a couple of gay parties.


If you've watched the show you could hardly have missed all that.

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As I said, I don't find Chad particularly straight but that is how he describes himself on the show and how he is presented. But he looks like a classic skinny twink to me.


But what do I know? My gaydar is awful. I would have sworn that Leonardo DiCaprio was gay.

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