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NBC - Anyone have good contact info?

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As mentioned in another post, NBC did not make any mention of the fact that diving gold medal winner Matthew Mitchum is gay.


Some will question if this is a big deal. They reported that he won the gold medal .. and that is really what the Olympics is about.


NBC didn't highlight the family and personal stories of all the Olympians, so is it "wrong" that they didn't do so for an athlete who is openly gay?


I know there will be people who will argue both sides of the argument, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.


From my perspective, NBC did miss out on a chance of doing the right thing and perhaps making a difference. Considering that Matthew wasn't an American, I wouldn't have expected a major news story about him. However, to exclude showing him with his partner, which many other country's coverage did, was a mistake.


The statistics are staggering. Gay teens are FOUR TIMES as likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. And sadly, ONE THIRD of all gay teens will attempt suicide. THIS IS THE TRAGEDY.


NBC had a chance ... even if it was a fleeting one ... to show teens out there a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL. And they chose not to do so.


Does anyone out there have any GOOD contact info for someone at NBC where those interested can make their voices heard? I'm presuming that the "contact info" readily available on websites doesn't really get heard by anyone important. Surely there must be a way to contact someone a little higher up in the company? Can anyone offer any assistance?

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