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Experiences / Advice with MacBook?

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Hi all,


Finally considering ditching Dell products, and move to Apple....


Looking at getting MacBook to replace my desktop completely. Several specific questions below, but any additional insights would be appreciated:


- Despite good press re: MacBook Air, read about limitations with current generation. Any comments?

- With MacBook, I'm wondering which would be better desk top replacement? 15" or 17" MacBook Pro?

- Any other stuff I should get along with these equipment? Heard AirPort is a must? And wondering what experiences you've had with Time Capsule?



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1. I think I would wait on the MacAir. I love the design, but not the size of the hard disk. 80GB as the biggest isn't big enough for me. I'd wait a couple of years until they get bigger.


2. MacBook vs. MacBook Pro - I like the size of the MacBook. I think the MacBook Pro is too heavy to carry around. But if you are truly using it as a desktop replacement then a 17" Pro is the way to go. I personally like the iMAC and in combination with my iPhone, I wouldn't need anything else. If I ever get a laptop again it will either be a MacBook or a MacAir if they have a hard disk bigger than 150GB, which I'm sure they will eventually.


3. I use Airport Extreme with the 1TB Time Capsule for my wireless network and backup. It is the best network device. Also Time Capsule works seamlessly in the background so well. And when and if I get another device on the network, I can back up them all from the one Time Capsule. It's a very clever design and works extremely well. You will read reviews about how slow the backup is? But it is actually very fast especially if your desktop or laptop is connected via ethernet cable.


Hope that helps.

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Guest ryan2552

Before you buy check some of the Apple blogs if you have a chance.


It appears there will be updated versions of the Air and MacBook coming before the end of the year.

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Work has provided me with a macbook pro 15".


You can use it with an external monitor (and have both screens active and independent if you want), and an external keyboard (if you want to prolong the life of it). When I got mine I got at a fast hard drive (7200rpm), and even though it has the slowest cpu (dual 1.83Ghz), it's

really quite zippy at just about everything it does, including

recdording and playing back and mix 8 tracks of digital audio

(not for work, obviously, hobby), running windows XP via vmware.


The only complaint I have about it is that the batteries have only lasted me about 6 months, and they are expensive, and I don't know of a compatible second source.


I had the impression that the macbook doesn't have a pc32 slot, which

limits its expandibility.

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