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Eating Chili Peppers so that Capsaicin releases Endorphins?

Guest ncm2169
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Guest ncm2169

I've been on a search for natural endorphins for years. Ironically, I got curious earlier this year when I read that Hillary Clinton told a supporter that she survived her hectic schedule by eating hot peppers.


There's tons of literature online, but I'm wondering - does anyone have anything to add to the endorsement of chili peppers for the release of endorphins?


If so, how hot do you recommend? :9


Also, any suggestions to reduce the "after-heat" in the mouth? Does milk really work?


P.S. Oops, probably not a good subject since the recent determination that the formerly-tomato salmonella scare was determined to be from Mexican peppers.


Memo to self: Avoid Mexican Produce. }(


Second Memo to self: NEVER believe the FDA. x(

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Being the half beaner that I am I do love my food spicy and peppers are always a nice touch. Now as far as calming down the burn in the mouth yes milk does help as does a dash of salt on the food. Good eats!- Alton Brown





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I need a holiday!

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