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Escorts and Professional Jealousy

Guest MattAdams

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Guest MattAdams

<I am reposting my earlier post deleting the senders e-mail address.>


From: (deleted)


To: [email protected]


Dude, Your a joke! You've been involved in pimping and pandering boy's for

several years now, and several different law enforcement agencies have had

this brought to their attention. You haven't looked like the photo you


posted on escorts4you in what would you say? 10 years. Your what's

considered a troll these day's. Wake up and smell the coffee. Watch your

back big brother is watching!!!!





Considering I havent been seeing clients for several years and have not

set up an appointment between an escort and client for some time I found

this letter interesting.


This is the fourth time in about 5 or 6 years that I have received a

"threat" like this. Each time it has involved someone that was in the

business and each time it brought more attention on themselves than with me.


Pretty much anything I do these days in terms of collecting information

has to do with updating my book for a new edition. Since the book is in its

third printing and second edition (which will probably be sold out by the

end of the year and the third edition will not be printed until late next

year or early 2002) and my only income from the profession is book royalties

and from my website (adultcheck income not payments from escorts of any

kind) there is some credibility to the fact that I am doing research of some

kind that might have some coverage under the first amendment.


Quite frankly, I do not make an issue of first amendment protections. In

fact, law enforcement agencies have never asked me about anyone except in

cases where someone does something like this. Why? Law enforcement might be

monitoring what I do but they also know that safety is a big issue with me,

drugs are a big issue for me, and underage prostitution is a big issue for

me. If someone is writing law enforcement agencies about my activities,

chances are they are trying to divert attention from themselves.


The only time any source, client or escort loses their confidentiality

with me either directly or indirectly is when they decide to make themselves

a target. Sending a letter to law enforcement is almost a request for you to

be investigated.


My general point to the top escorts (who are generally too busy making

money than worrying about others) is that if you are set up it is usually

because someone else in the business has turned you in. Either they are

jealous of your success or they are turning you in to save their own hide

because they have been arrested.


In general though, law enforcement realizes that information received

through either method is pretty unreliable and is generally provided to

cover up even more serious matters involving the informant.


As for my pictures, they were current when I was escorting and have not

been updated since I stopped. If you want to consider them ten years old

that is fine, that means the statute of limitations is long passed. If you

want to consider me an old troll, that is fine too since it supports the

fact no one in their right mind would consider paying money to have sex with



So BB...thanks for giving me a heads up on the attention I am getting. I

may have to get my third edition out early to cover all those orders from

those law enforcement libraries that don't already have my book.


Better yet, if you are with a law enforcement agency just send me a

request on your letterhead and I will send you for free, at my expense, two

copies of the first edition of my book. (I need the letter to make my

contribution tax deductible, and I could use some deductions this year). If

you are with an agency working to get kids off the streets and want to use

the book to train your volunteers...send me an e-mail and I will send you

what you need. Hurry while supplies last (there aren't too many copies



Matt Adams

Author, Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars

[email protected]

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Guest Billyboy

I can't even believe someone would do that. But you are right, The top escorts are too busy making money to pull this kind of bull****


I have been "set up" myself, but never in a law enforcement way. They usually just book appointments and then cancel. I've found a way around this thankfully.


Can't wait to get the next edition of your book, I've always loved it

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Guest cleverock

Odd email, odd response


Threats are no fun, but frankly thou protesth in a rather gratuitous way. Your response is as odd as the email that putatively elicited it. After all, you had been advertising fairly recently on escorts4you and your posts on ATKOL used to suggest you were a "booker".

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