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Sperm Banks

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1. After you donate at a sperm bank, do they serve you orange juice? A kiss? A cigarette?


2. Do they wonder why you are donating or do they KNOW after you ask for a copy of "Escorts Unlimited" for inspiration?


3.Do the technicians ever bet on which little "horsey" will win the race to the egg?


4. Do they ever devil the eggs or just wait for the progeny to see the result?


5. If you make a deposit, can you also make a withdrawal? Your place or mine?


6. Do they pay interest on large deposits? (Doesn't everyone?)


The above occurred to me during a "George Carlin" moment. Feel free to add your own.


Best regards,


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Guest ncm2169

Oh, excuse me. I thought this was advice about new income streams during a time of economic uncertainty. :7

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