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Ang Lalaki Sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse) An Award Winning Filipino Gay Movie

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I am very happy to note that Gay Pride has been sweeping Asia in a geometric manner!

The Philippines is an Asian country where Gay people openly declare their sexuality . The Filipino movie industry has been making gay themed movies for sometime now... and most... if not all are box-office successes.


ANG LALAKE SA PAROLA (The Man in the Lighthouse) A homo-erotic journey in finding one’s true self Mateo (Harry Laurel) has been searching for his father (Richard Quan) who left when he was five. His search leads him to Lobo, Batangas only to discover that his father is in Dubai. Awaiting his father’s return, Mateo works as the caretaker of Lobo’s lighthouse. Here, he meets Jerome (Justin de Leon), a gay man from the city. What ensues soon after the meeting is the beginning of his homoerotic journey, while Suzet (Jennifer Lee), Mateo’s girlfriend struggles for his love and attention. What begins as a search for one’s father evolves into a search for one’s self. Will Mateo, in the midst of his conservative rural community, cross the thin line between being straight and being gay? This story is a search for oneself as seen through the lens of rural homosexuality, myths, and fairies (superstitions/belief?); and the lies that people create to escape the bitter realities of life.

ANG LALAKE SA PAROLA...Initially shown on : AUGUST 2007




The movie trailer:







A newcomer: Harry laurel:

Name: Harry Chua

AKA: Harry Laurel

Educational Attainment: Graduate at Mariner's Polytechnic College Foundation

Birthplace: Bicol

Country: Philippines

Occupation: Model, Actor

Movie: Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)

Known for: Being the new member of the male sexy group "Provoq" and grand winner of the Heat Wave Bikini Competition in the Philippines

(Poster's note: Harry Laurel aka Harry Chua is CUT!) Most Filipino men are cut :) It is a cultural thing that can be traced to fifty years of American presence in the islands!







And in a Co-starring role: Justin de leon:


23 years old, is a member of Viva Hot Men, dreamed of being a a basketball player. He is 5’9" tall, 160 lbs. 30 inches waistline. He appeared in the digital films "Mga Pusang Gala" and "Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. He is CUT! :p







Harry and Justin:





A critic said:


"It was a successful premiere last night at the UP Film Institute. The stars of the movie headed by Harry Chua and Jennifer Lee was there to grace the event. The movie did not disappoint us because it was able to deliver all that it promised. The prolonged shot of Harry's erection was shown as well as about 3 more frontal scenes from Harry. What shocked me the most was the M2M scenes between Harry and Justin. There was even a scene where it seems like Harry was pumping his tool while making love to Justin. Both of the actors' balls where also shown in the movie. Although some might view this as pornographic, it actually was not. It was very artistically done and was very essential in the plot of the movie. Bravo to the producers and filmmakers for being so daring. And to Harry...you made your mark!!! "


I am posting about gay culture and images in Asia to serve as a counterpoint to my Western upbringing. I apologize, once more to anyone, who will find the images of Asian gay men, appalling and unworthy of a second look...much less a discussion. There was no intention to circumvent your aesthetic standards! Trust me... I do not believe in belittling anyone's ethic preferences. :)


Please allow me, as a poster to share my mental images of gay!. I believe men not withstanding their ethnicity, is worth a discussion and admiration, using the standards each ethnic group is culturally and aesthetically judged! :)


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Thanks for posting this. I thoroughly enjoyed it, the trailer and the interviews. Any information where I can get a copy of the DVD. On the interview part, I wished they have it subtitled because there was a question asked to Mateo (the lead character) who gives the best blow job (man or a woman)and he impishly (sp) said that man does }(

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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


I have not seen the entire film yet. I heard it is not available in DVD. I am sure, somewhere there exists an english subtitled version of the movie.


If you can wait until December, I might be able to secure a copy or two...just e-mail me and i will see what I can do.


I also know that there is a Filipino man, who has a beautiful bliog site. he might be able to give you some strong lead.


Here is his website. (No! I do not know the guy personally. I just stumbled on his blog by accident. I am , howver, very glad, I did!)




I also discovered a slew of gay movies from the Philippines. Judging from some ctrics reviews, these movies are worth seeing.


Thank you for your comment.





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