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Message Center Rules - I think now would be an excellent time to remind everyone of the

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Revised 06/05/2005





Our goal in establishing a set of rules for this Message Center is to provide a clear framework within which we can all communicate with each other. We want to provide members with the greatest possible freedom while at the same time respecting the business needs of this site, the legal framework within which it operates, and the kinds of common decency that govern human interaction worldwide. We recognize the inherent worth of all those who come here. We will always strive to treat each person with dignity and respect and without favoritism. In return, we ask only that members abide by these rules.





The Message Center is comprised of various forums. Each forum is described on the "top" page. Some forums are limited to certain kinds of posts. We ask all posters to respect those limitations, since doing so will help us use this Message Center more efficiently. The Lounge is open to threads of any general nature.


Discussions of a political or religious nature are far from the Message Center’s original goal. However, we respect those who wish to create and join these discussions. We do ask, though, that you post threads that deal with political and/or religious issues in the Politics and Religion forum. Similarly, we request that you post threads that deal with technology in the "Daddy's Place" forum.


All of the forums are moderated. This means that the moderators may take actions when necessary to enforce these rules. They do so on behalf of all of us. The actions that the moderators may take may include deleting or moving a thread or deleting or editing a post. When a moderator takes one of these actions, they will leave a clear note explaining why the action was necessary. It is our hope that the instances where the moderators are forced to take an action will be extremely rare. Please remember that the moderators are unpaid volunteers who give of their time to help ensure that this Message Center runs smoothly If you have concerns about the actions of a moderator, please send an email to daddy@m4m-forum.org.





All are welcome to join us and post here, without restriction. However, we must and do reserve the right to modify or delete any post or thread that violates these rules or is, in our sole opinion, inappropriate for inclusion in these shared conversations. Posters who violate a rule will receive a warning from the moderators via their private inbox or by email. Second and third violations will result in a suspension of posting privileges for 30 days. Posters who have violated the rules more than three times will have their usernames deactivated permanently.


If you feel a post violates the rules, please click on the ALERT link at the bottom of the offending post. The moderators will be notified and will review the post as soon as possible. If the post does violate the rules, the moderators will take whatever action is deemed appropriate. Please send an ALERT instead of a private e-mail when you feel action is required. An ALERT will reach the first available moderator while an e-mail will wait until that individual next comes online.





We reserve the right to modify the rules, at any time, as needed to meet the needs of this ever-evolving forum community. We will endeavor to keep this document up-to-date and to post changes to the rules in a timely basis. Questions or concerns about the rules should be addressed to daddy@m4m-forum.org.





The Message Center is provided as a public service to the Escorting Community and is operated independently of the Review Site. The views expressed in the Message Center are wholly those of the members who post them and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, policies or procedures of the management.





The primary rule that governs this forum is to conduct yourself in a way that respects the site and all of the people who come here. Within that context, you are free to express your opinions as you see fit, subject to the guidelines provided below.





1. Attacks against other people are not allowed. Personal attacks stifle discussion and create an atmosphere that discourages many people from joining us. We want all people to feel welcome here and welcome to state their opinions. Those who come here for advice or assistance should be treated with respect. You are free to criticize the opinions of other people at will. But please do not attack, insult or disparage others themselves; all are worthy of respect, even those with whom we disagree.


2. No personal information may be posted about other posters. This includes all information that could identify a person, including photographs and other images. Personal information that an individual has publicly provided may be allowed in some cases. But we ask you to always err on the side of respecting the others who come here and those who are the subject of discussion here.


3. Libel is a false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person's reputation. Libel is the opposite of respect and is not allowed here.


4. People have been "hijacking" threads on message boards for as long as there have been message boards. Threads often diverge into interesting, creative, unanticipated conversations. But some people feel that hijacking threads is rude, especially if the thread is important to its creator. If a poster creates a thread and, in the very first post, asks that the thread not be hijacked, please respect that. It's easy to create another thread to carry the conversation you want to have. When in doubt, err on the side of respecting the others here.





1. Running an Internet message board is a difficult job. There are many challenges. We promise to always try to live up to these rules and to your expectations. But we are human and we will make mistakes. When we do, we will try to correct the mistake as quickly as possible, to the best of our ability. Please forgive us our mistakes and respect that we are trying to create a place that respects everyone and offers a welcome to all.


2. Pedophilia and child pornography (as defined by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and in 18 U.S.C. ¤ 2256 (2003)) are illegal and immoral. Neither will be tolerated here in any form. If you are tempted to post something that crosses this line or that you think may even potentially cross the line, do not do so. Respect for children is one of the cornerstones of human civilization and one we hold dear.


3. This site depends on advertising for part of its existence. Advertising on this site is available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing advertising space, please contact daddy@m4m-forum.org. Please do not try to take advantage of the free services we provide by posting blatant free advertising. Such posts are not allowed unless authorized by Daddy.


4. We realize the message center is part of the global community of the public Internet and we respect all cultures and languages. The primary language of the message center is English. Since the moderators may or may not speak other languages, the potential for abuse in non-English posts is great. Please post in English only.


5. Uploaded images consume bandwidth, present certain technical challenges and often present legal challenges, too. For these reasons, the ability to upload pictures or other files to the Message Center has been deactivated. However, images that exist on other web servers may be linked in messages and the message center software will display the image if the server allows it. But please do not post links to password-protected areas of other sites.


Due to ongoing legal battles over changes in USC Section 18 laws, explicit photos are not allowed and will be removed. Repeated violations will be cause for suspension.


6. Moderators frequently confer with each other and the site's management. Information conveyed during these discussions is and must be confidential. Any moderator who discloses confidential information from the moderators' discussions is subject to removal or suspension as a moderator by the site's management.





1. Be respectful of copyrights. Copyright holders are within their rights to pursue individual posters who abuse their intellectual property.


2. We all make mistakes. If you discover that one of your posts violates one of the rules or contains information that you would like removed, you can edit the post to remove the offending information. If the time allowed to edit the post has passed, use the ALERT button to alert the moderators. They will assist you.





It is our great hope that this community will be largely self-policing. However, the moderators may be required to take action when a poster violates the Message Center rules. We ask for understanding on the part of all members. Each person who comes here brings a unique background and a unique point of view. Some who come here do so seeking a rough-and-tumble free-for-all that knows no limits. Others prefer a gentler, more refined conversation. Yet others are truly seeking and in need of assistance. Our community has traditionally been open and generous with those in need, quick to offer a kind word or even a lifeline. Completely unrestrained conversations discourage many from joining us, often including those most in need of our help. When this occurs, we are all diminished. The rules, then, seek a compromise, trying to ensure that the Message Center remains accessible to all but also leaning as far as possible toward complete freedom of speech.


In some instances, the moderators may need to take an action to correct a violation of the rules. To the best of their ability, their actions will be taken totally in accordance with the rules and without favoritism or bias toward any poster or individual. But they, too, are human. In some situations, any action they take (including taking no action) will be disliked by some portion of the Message Center community. It is impossible to always please everyone in such a diverse community. But they will always act according to the rules, to the best of their ability to do so.


1. Attacks against members will only be acted upon at the request of the member being attacked. If you are being attacked and want assistance from the moderators, use the ALERT function to notify the moderators. They will determine if some action is necessary. Please do not ask the moderators to take action for minor infractions of this rule. Attacks against non-members will be looked at upon the request of any member. Attacks against public figures (such as politicians or entertainers) will generally not be acted upon. Serious attacks against private individuals may require an action. Please remember that attacks against individuals means an attack against the person themself. The actions or opinions of any person are fair game: calling a person an idiot is a personal attack; stating that you believe their actions to be idiotic is not. For more information about ad hominem attacks see Ad Hominem Fallacies, Bartleby and Wikipedia.


2. Personal information that has been posted inappropriately will be removed in all cases. Any member who detects inappropriately-posted personal information should ALERT the moderators.


3. Libel will be removed. The determination of whether a post libels a person will require a judgment call. The decision will always be made by the moderators alone. Their judgment is final and not subject to review.


4. Hijacking is part of the Internet's tradition. It usually leads to threads that are more interesting for all. However, if a thread creator has requested that is his thread not be hijacked in the initial thread post and the thread is subsequently hijacked in a substantial manner, he can ALERT the moderators and ask them to review the thread. In cases of serious abuse, the moderators may be forced to take action.


5. Child pornography will always be removed. This is a zero-tolerance rule. Posters who post child pornography will receive one warning only. Any subsequent post of child pornography will always result in permanent revocation of that poster's right to post, without any recourse or appeal.


6. Blatant advertising will be removed. When such posts are discovered, the moderators will make a judgment based on the activity or enterprise being advertised and any potential value the information has for the Message Center audience. Their decision will always be final.


7. Non-English posts will be removed. Please post in English only.


8. Many of the forums are restricted to certain types of threads. This allows us all to use the Message Center efficiently. The moderators may move threads from one forum to another when they deem it necessary to preserve the integrity of the forums. When there is a question as to which forum a thread belongs in, the moderators will try to respect the intentions of the original thead creator.


9. Posters often request that a post of theirs be edited or deleted by the moderators. If a poster discovers that one of their posts should be changed after the edit window has closed, they will require the assistance of a moderator. The moderators will view each such request on a case-by-case basis. If removing the offending the information will cause a violation of the rules to be removed or if the post can be altered without destroying the integrity of the thread in which it is placed, then the moderators will grant the request. Other instances will require a judgment call; but they will try to err on the side of granting the poster’s request.


10. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary for the moderators to lock or move a thread. This will always be considered as an action of last-resort and will be taken only when necessary to preserve the integrity of the Message Center. Generally this type of action would only be necessary when a thread contains multiple violations of the rules and no simple solution exists for fixing each of those violations while still leaving the thread intact.


We believe and hope that these minimal restrictions will serve us all well. We hope the Message Center will be a place where all feel welcome, free to communicate, and respected. But we recognize that situations not anticipated by the rules may occur that threaten the Message Center, its members or other people. In such events, the moderators will confer with the site's management to determine what action to take. Their decision will be posted for all to see.





Thank you for joining us. Welcome to our shared site. We hope you will find it interesting, fun, amusing, helpful and, yes, at times, aggravating, annoying, thought-provoking and challenging. We all learn and grow through interaction. But, please, remember that the people who come here come from many places around this Earth, from many cultures and from many different backgrounds and experiences. Respect for each other is the one thing we ask from all.


© This entire site is copyright 1999-2007. All rights reserved.



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