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He Is Not Just Into You! Do you want to know if he really, really wants a relationship with you?

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There is a book, "He Is Just Not Into You!", that a str8 gal pal mentioned a while back. She mentioned that she moved on with her life when the guy he was dating at the time, did not fall into the 'Model' described in the book!


Briefly, she gave up on trying to strengthen her relationship with a guy and moved on to better and greener pasteurs, after reading the book and realised, she was in a Quixotic dream! :)


Yahoo UK, excerpted some of the books foci: To wit,


A Guy is INto you if:


* He can't relax when he is with you,

* He connects the dots on previous things you revealed with the things you mentioned in the present time,

* His focus is on you and ONLY YOU,

* He is fond of sneaking in the pronoun , "WE" in a good way, instead of using I or You, when conversing with you,

* He leads you on -- in a good way to see his strengths, weaknesses, like and sislike and maybe the key to his love often,

* He is happy to be somewhere that is not normally his preferred scene...as long as it is yours,

* He makes an effort to be friends and be accepted by your friends,

* He eagerly brings you to his inner circle of friends, dropping hints everywhere to make you feel at ease.


I know! This book was supposedly written with a Woman in mind...but read it and carefully change the pronoun she to a he or vice versa and you would have discovered a book that could save you a lot of heartaches and unwarranted unmet expectations regarding the man of your dreams. Gay men are very much like women, says a friend...ONLY MORE FEMININE in their thoughts, expectations and wisdom. Touche :)


Hopefully, this could open some revelations to posters who think they are smitten, in love, focused, trying to build a relationship or whatever you call it...with the man of their dreams (TYPE casting anyone?)


BTW, This guy caught my eye in the Reality TV , Nashville Star? (something)...I forgot, This guy, Justin Gaston was my star and I did tuned in for many weeks to see him purr country songs. ( I dont know what happened after he was booted out! Does anyone knows if he plays or parties? :)






I heard he is an underwear model. HOT STUFF really. But I know, he will nevr be into me...


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