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boltbus - any experiences?

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Hey guys...I'm in the middle of planning all my stuff for my upcoming trip to Philly and NY and came across this new lowfare bus service called bolt bus (http://www.boltbus.com). I found fares as low as $6 a person with free wifi on the bus. I am thinking about using it for my transfer from Philly to NY instead of amtrak.


Has anyone used it? If so how is the service? Thank you so much! :)


- Jason Carter - Dallas, TX

- jasoncarter53@hotmail.com

- (972) 365-0120

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the Washington Post travel section has mentioned the service several times. Apparently it is owned by Greyhound. The reviews seem to be a bit mixed with respect to the buses picking up on schedule. But for that price I would say it is probably worth it to put up with a little inconvenience. I guess for now at least the buses are clean and they are supposed to have wifi internet onboard. But if you are on a strict schedule it may not be the best option. Also check out Megabus (http://www.megabus.com) which is also entering the market. They have a similar price structure with some seats as low as $1. They also use double-decker buses sometimes which look pretty cool.

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Bolt, a Greyhound subsidiary, goes from NYC to Philly, DC and Boston. Fares can be as low as $1, but you have to book very early in the day to try and get a $1 fare. The fares, start at $1 (1 seat per bus) and go up based on demand. Sounds like a great offer if you can get a low discounted seat. Here in NYC, the bus leaves from 2 locations, on 34th St and Eighth Avenue and down on Canal & Grand. I am told to try and book a seat on a bus on a low-demand trip. Mid-mornings are considered hard to book.


Check out the website for more details. I, too, would be interested if anyone has tried it and what their experience was.





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I just looked into boltbus for my upcoming trip to DC. The schedules worked out and I was glad to hear they offered wireless internet and power plug-ins. But they also wanted $17 round trip. As if I'm a Rockefeller!


So then I checked out http://www.megabus.com. Now they've seen the common man before. Scrap the internet and save me a sawbuck: round trip fare: $6.50.


Other bus lines between NYC and DC include:

http://www.2000coach.com - Chinatown to Chinatown. Not friendly and often takes weird, unexplained deviations through city streets, but has the most trips per day, in case your schedule is tight.

http://www.dc2ny.com - Also has wireless, but no plug ins. Leaves from Dupont Circle.

http://www.washny.com - Some trips go to or from Dupont.


Kevin Slater

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Guest backbaygayguy

Recently took BoltBus from NYC to Boston -- most comfortable bus seats ever (lots of leg room), CLEAN, quiet, very comfortable, nice mix of passengers (extra seats, not full), and a convenient rest stop. Unlike Kevin, for me Web access a big plus for planning and catching up.


Today's Boston paper had an article about the major Boston-NYC buses -- http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2008/06/29/booking_it_to_ny/.


And a summary by carrier, from the Boston viewpoint: http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2008/06/29/the_bus_choices/.


Good luck on your travels.

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