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The loser on American Idol is finally gone


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Yippee. No more Jason Castro. What a disaster! No more little girl with dreadlocks and a voice that could scare a cat. There is a god.


My prediction for next week: David Archuleta will be gone. Just a hunch. I think the black chick is benefiting -- and will continue to benefit from -- the "Obama factor." She's getting all the black vote and that's keeping her in the competition. And her singing has actually gotten better.


Although Archuleta really hit it out of the park this week.



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:-) :-) :-) :-)


A little bird (I dont know if what she says is true!) told me David Archueleta was the top vote getter this week, seperated by a few million votes from the girl Syesha.:)but David Cross was a close second.


If the trend of voting continues, and the block that used to vote for Jason Castro will move to either one of the two Davids... Syesha, despite the black votes, will have to pack her suitcase! :)



The Internet blogs and predictions are evenly divided between the two Davids...I guess one of them will win depending on important, independent factors like: song choices and performances for the final night, mood of the die hard American idol followers (if they decide to vote and for which one of the Davids), the availability of mass dialing in some counties and the availability of the toll free lines and text lines, the grass root campaign of the contestants followers, and believe it or not--- the impact of the going home videocast to their city showcase (It is a fair gauge of how much votes the contestant expect to gain -- If the whole State, from the gov to the county clerk come to the auditorium or baseball stadium ad rally their state to support a native sign (southern States do support rally speakers!)-- thats a good sign as a possible win versus a crowd filled street when the contestant parade is passing thru in a city ...It is just based on Numbers reality! Now, i dont know where the two Davids are from--I am curious to see them at their homecoming of sorts.


Personally, I like David Archueleta, now that Jason Castro is out. I might campaign and vote fo him! I also like David Cook, but he is not the underdog, based on my observations on people who think they know what to predict, David Cross will trash Archueleta, so the predictors say! -- So...I will vote for David Archueleta! I like to support the underdog:) maybe, he will do the unpredictable--trash the front runner! :) what a sweet feeling tha would be! )


By the way, you won't win the lotto if you don't buy a ticket! :)






:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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I completely agree with you. I am so glad that Jason Castro is

gone. His voice was so week compared with the others, and he

seemed to have an attitude, sort of arrogant.


Now, the Davids. Personally is like David Archuleta the best

even though he has some growing up to do yet but his voice is so

plesant, and he has a nice stage appearance.


David Cook I do not like at all. His music is NOT what I prefer,

his hair is weird, and his gruffy beard and style of dress makes

him look dirty. I just want to tell him to shave, take a shower

and buy some decent clothes.


I would like it to come down to David Archuleta and the black

girl, Syesha. But gut feeling is that she will the next do go.

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>Have I been watching the wrong show?? Who is David Cross??

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Oopppps! A Freudian slip- Thanks for catching it.


It should have been a last name with the C as a beginning letter! It shows i do not really care about Mr. David Cook! and I did not pay attention to a detail like his surname! :) Mea Culpa!


I stand corrected! :) Thank you. And NO! we were both watching the same show! But as Kurosawa would say... it only goes to show that different people have different perceptions...observatons and interpretations of the same event! I was more attentive to David Archueleta and not to the David with the last name beginning in "C"! :)


I hope my correction of the same: Cook instead of Cross will be enough to admit my mistake ! :)

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I have been watching "American Idol" for approximately the last five or six weeks and have liked how the two David's have performed as well as the only WOMAN who remains.


Just watch during the remaining weeks and cast your votes for the person who you think is deserving in becoming this year's "American Idol!" Vote for "talent alone!"




Unfortunately, during the past four weeks, the show has become somewhat of a popularity contest, similar to when the fellow with the greyish hair won (talentless but America's spoiler that year).


Thank goodness that the three remaining contestants can sing, sing, sing but in their own way and form!! :-) :-)

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Guest flamengo

The poor boy can't sing BUT, he is such a deep thinker and philosopher:



08:41 AM CDT on Friday, May 9, 2008


By DARLA ATLAS / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

[email protected]




Jason Castro, appearing not too terribly devastated, sings his farewell song after being eliminated on American Idol. In many ways, Jason Castro is an American Idol anomaly.


The Rockwall resident got no airtime before making the top 24, but managed to amass enough fans to make it to the top four. And before auditioning for the show, he'd performed in public a whopping five times – while his Idol counterparts had previous record deals, assorted handlers and general showbiz smarts.


But in the end, it was that uniqueness that helped do Jason in.


"What it came down to is just my inexperience," he said during a conference call on Thursday. "Once we doubled up on songs, I wasn't really able to focus. I wasn't committing to either one, and I just couldn't connect."


Also Online


Blog: More 'Idol' coverage


neighborsgo.com: Jason Castro Central

On the other hand, he points out, "I think I'm very much what the show was originally about. I'm kind of as raw as it gets."


Raw or polished, all Idol hopefuls are besieged by message-board rumors, and Jason took the time to clear up a few. No, he didn't forget the words to "Mr. Tambourine Man" on purpose, and he didn't mouth the words "Don't vote" after Tuesday's mistake-riddled performances.


"I was saying 'Vote,' and then I said it again because I was trying to emphasize that," he says. Minutes later, he realized the words look alike if you're lip reading.


"That went through my mind, and I was like, 'Dang it,' " he says. "The second time, I only said 'Vote' once."


Still, after his fans ended up not voting enough, Jason admits feeling a bit joyful.


"I've been telling people that I was as happy last night as I was when I found out I made the top 24," Jason says. Why? The thought of tackling three songs in one night was looming.


In his opinion, "I can't even do two right."


Right now, he says, he's itching to get back to Texas and hang out with his family and friends. That includes a girlfriend; when a reporter noted that female fans will be disappointed by that news, he said, "Oh, I'm sorry."


"I kind of miss working in the summers with my dad," he says, recalling the years he's helped build custom swimming pools. But the future beckons, and he envisions it "wherever the music leads me."


Throughout the interview, one question kept coming up: Is he really as laid-back and "normal" as he seemed on American Idol?


"What you see is what you get," he says. "I didn't change at all coming out here. So yes, that's me."


This text is invisible on the page, but this text is affected by the invisible item's flow. This text is invisible on the page, but this text is affected by the invisible item's flow."


Rumor has it, he enters the PhD program at MIT next week studying Quantum Mechanics.

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