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The Moment of Truth

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Anyone else check out the new game show that premiered last week and the second episode tonight?


The only way to watch the show is by DVR and fast forwarding. The VAST majority of the show is previews of upcoming questions or recaps on past questions, with a minority of time actually playing the game.

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Guest zipperzone

I caught it for the 1st time tonight. I found I was embarrased watching it - actually cringing as the questions were read. Kinda reminded me of a bad episode of the Jerry Springer Show. I did think that the 1st contestant's son who implored his gambler of a dad to quit, was very hunky - nice ass! So it wasn't a complete waste of time.


They must do a lot of research on the contestants before selecting them. I bet people with a squeaky clean background haven't got a chance of being chosen. If there are no skeletons in the old closet, they don't want you.


I wonder how many of us could go on the show and survive unscathed?

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I would agree this is terrible TV. The writers being on strike has really lowered the standards for what the networks are shoving down our throats. Not blaming the writers just that the networks looked for a way to increase the bottom lines by putting on every known game show idea, reality TV hokem and more reruns but I will bet they did not give any money back to the companies advertising on them. They used the writers' strike as an excuse so the money they are making is really on the back of the people who really do not make the big bucks.


The Game show prime time rebirth began with Millionaire. Most of these fade quickly. But what I hate most about them is the plodding along to stretch out the time. It makes the host look like idiots. I really think these shows would do better if they picked up the pace.


Now Drew Carey and Price is Right will make another evening bid later in the spring. Daytime manges to get 6 contestants on stage through the show if they use prime time standards they may only get 4 through. Lets hope they do not ruin a good show by trying to "S-T-R-E-T-C-H things out.

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