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Just a note about a new site for escorts and clients

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This site has been around for about a year it was free at first just went to a pay site

I really like it. great fast server unlike another well known site and the guys that run it are super cool.

i have been posting videos on it for a while nothing new but a slick site and easy to use and free to watch videos.

I really am hoping more escorts and clients sign up its a great site all the way around.

cheers David/sf

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Hey David --


Thanks for pointing out this site. I like the layout and, especially, the "last logged in" feature.


I checked 2 cities that I know -- in Montreal I recognized 3 of the 4 guys, all high quality; in Chicago, several whom I had never seen on other sites looked interesting.


Now when are you coming to the midwest?

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"IMHO..Just another version of Rentboy!


BUT Paying for the same 411 just doesn't make sense!


Putting the $$ towards a Hunks Hourly on Rentboy... does! LOL"


i dont think there is a charge for rentboy or rentmen for clients

but a slick faster server and better service is always more valuable to escorts i have had so many problems and heard many many complaints about rentboys server for a couple years and always when i inquire about whats happening rentboy always says "we are updating our server please be patient till we are done" that was two years ago this site loads videos and info free for the client so i am confused about your response JT ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i just want to plug a good site over a bad one i still use rentboy and i am grateful for that site but it sucks to have to put up with bad service just because everyone uses it

but i have make a living i cant afford not to use rentboy ...... i just Hope this site catches on or rentboy gets wind of the better competition and improves its service asap


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Interesting site. Rentboy could learn a few lessons on how to design a search option. This site allows search by specifics and pretty much any fetish. It's certainly much faster on downloads which the videos require if they are to be of any use. Most of the clips seem to be under a minute which offers just enough of a tease.


I signed up and there was no costs for that but you have to create a full profile. This site does allow clients to post pics and that is a searchable database as well. Not sure if that's a good thing or not if client profiles are searchable. If I get bombarded with spam I'll let everyone know.


A big plus for the site is that it indicates the last time an escort logged on to his profile. Also, it appears that the listings for escorts are in order of most recent login which is very helpful. There were several guys I found that had not logged in since mid 2007. This is a good way to indicate if a guy is active or not so that's a plus IMO.


The downside to the site would be that it has much fewer listings that Rentboy or Men4Rent. No doubt as word gets around and the site gets more traffic that should change. I'd consider it a supplement to Rentboy and Men4Rent at present.


Speaking of Rentboy....anyone know the status of that alleged upgraded site they previewed late last year? Looks like they were working it and seeking comment and then the link disappeared from their main page.

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