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Victor at Splash Bar New York

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Victor is one of my favorite bartenders. He has an entertaining update Email he sends out weekly. check out the series of links called "Admiral Hector's HEAD-Quarters".


He works downstairs most days. I can be gone from NY for months and when I go back he always remembers my name, my favorite drink and our last conversation. Talk about a great salesman.



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Victor has been a fixture at Splash for a long time. The website says he's been there since 1996, but I think it's longer. He was the first bartender in the original downstairs bar. He's a great bartender and a lot of fun behind the bar. He has quite a following and he always welcomes me warmly whenever I show up at Splash. Unless someone out there knows differently, he's straight!


I saw him on Tuesday night and he introduced me to a friend of his sitting at the bar who was in the Guiness Book Of World Records. Of course, I had to ask, why, and the guy stood up, dropped his trousers, and proudly showed me his 86 genital piercings! Wow! I told him he must really confuse the TSA guys, and ladies, at the airport when he walks through the metal detector.


Victor's a hoot, I like him a lot, he always has some naughty little story about his sexual escapades, but deep down he's a nice guy who works hard to support his daughter.



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