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Economics of street prostitution

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If you find academic economics interesting(and who doesn't?), this is a fun read:



Or, for those who're pressed for time, read a short article about the above here:



Cheerily, Ben



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I have to confess that I loose all my interest in reading when I read a "study" on prostitution starting with a line as:


"Unlike most other crimes, prostitution is based on..."


It would be as bad as if I was trying to get any reliable information about homosexual sex reading an article printed in a muslim paper starting:


"Just as every other crime, sodomy is pervasive in...."




"As any other disease, homosexuality may be present...."


Needless to say that this study focuses in female street prostitution in a very specific area and as we have read in every serious study about prostitution the differences female and male prostitution re so big that they could be easily considered two different occupations altogether.


interesting bit of information, though...

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