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WWE Wrestler John Cena In A Thong

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Thanks SmallTown (The ONLY thing SMALL about ya!)


John Cena was alway's a Hunk! Personally I liked him better when he First started out Wrestling in "Gear" that showed his Phenomenal Legs & BUTT! But ALL good things do come to an end!


When he decided to change the Act and go "Hip-Hop", I always thought that Costume Boring!


But hey the guy has made Millions wearing it! LOL ;-)

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I never get to see wrestling anymore. I know Mike "The Miz" from the Real World is on one of the shows...couldn't name any of the other new guys out there.


Loooong time ago, I did have a crush on Alex Wright from Georgia Wrestling. He was ultra fuckable! But hated the dumb dancing!!


I believe he's a hardcore Christian now--maybe I read that on HooBoy's old site.

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Yeah "The Miz".. He's definitely a CENA wannabe..But obviously that ain't gonna happen! He tries to work the Sex Symbol Act, but Personally he just doesn't have it! He's got a Square Body (Big Butt) so the more he wears in the ring the better! LOL

IMHO his "Wrestling" Career will be short lived!


Coincidentally in NYC they ran a program last night, on just how all the Mayhem is staged! Interesting to see how it's done, I do give them credit for the Physical Ability and Bruise's and Broken whatever they endure!


They work hard for the Money! As do alot of "Working Guy's", MINUS the Physical Toll on the body of course! ;-)

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Randy Orton is Well Proportioned for a very Tall Guy!


He does get the JT Leg Award!


BUT the Best Butt Award goes to "Mr Kennedy"! He sure doesn't shy away from wearing almost a "Speedo" in the ring! Every once in a while, he does show some "Bubble Butt Cheek" to Millions! LOL


"Batista" of course has both..Legs and Cheeks for a Huge Man!


Unfortunately "Chris Master's" for whatever reason, which I never read about, has left the WWE? I'm guessing Steroids?


He was Major Muscle that was probably NOT Naturally gained by Workouts and Diet.;-)

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Masters was fired from the WWE for steroids use shortly after Benoit's death. I believe he is wrestling -- under a different name -- in Japan now.


For a tall guy, Orton is perfectly proportioned. No chicken legs but big beautiful legs and he's so smooth and great skin tone. He's freakin' hot.


Kennedy has a nice butt but don't care for the rest of him -- a little flabbly for me.


Batista is too "monsterish" looking.


For my money, it's Orton ... in that speedo with those legs, flat stomach and abs, and biceps of steel.


How much a night for him?



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ariadne..Amazing.. I'm sure MacMahon who looks like a real "Old Time Steroid Freak", after getting as much use as possible out of Master's cut him fast, to save his own neck Responsibility wise.


I'm guessing though Outside the U.S. it is not a Major Topic of concern!


Anybody who thinks MacMahon doesn't or didn't know about Steroids being used by The Bigger Guys, ALL these Years, definitely is a little slow! LOL

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