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DVD Recommedation for Halloween: "Creatures from the Pink Lagoon"

Guest bighugbearphx
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Guest bighugbearphx

Did you ever wonder what it would have been like if Paul Lynde and the cast of "Boys in the Band" had starred in a remake of "Night of the Living Dead"? Look no more.


"Creatures from the Pink Lagoon" is a delightfully campy and cheesy send-up of stereotypes, primarily of gay men in the late 1960's (as portrayed in "Boys in the Band") and of a host of low budget "zombie" movies that filled the drive-ins and movie screens of that decade. Shot in black & white, and made on a shoestring budget by a group of Seattle stage performers and directors, using a cast with few if any movie credits. What the simplistic script and cheesy special effects (think turkey with chocolate sauce!) take away from the production is made up by the enthusiasm of the performers, who obviously had a lot of fun making this film, which makes it fun to watch as well. Park your political correctness hangups at the door, and enjoy!


Like "Boys in the Band", the action takes place at a birthday party attended by thirtysomething gay men, held at a beach house. Unfortunately, a nearby chemical plant has somehow mutated local mosquitos so that anyone bitten nearby (which happens to be a rest stop frequented primarily by gay men looking for sex) turns into a raving undead, flesh-eating zombie. But, of course, they are GAY raving, undead, flesh-eating zombies, so they also have attitude, a dislike for cheap cologne and an appreciation for show tunes and Judy Garland. One of the party-goers, Radall (Philip Clarke), seems to be channeling Paul Lynde in full bitchy-queen mode (Upon being surprised by a zombie, exclaims: "My, aren't YOU ten pounds of ugly in a five pound sack!") There's also a self-possessed jock, a young little slut, the shy gay cousin, and the drama queen owner of the beach house (played by Lowell Deo, who those in Seattle might remember as a correspondent on their local FOX affiliate).


The DVD includes some deleted scenes and some interesting featurettes. Rent it if you can. Cheapest price I've seen on it online is $18.10 (including postage) at DeepDiscountDVD.Com

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