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fashion designer Marc Jacobs trim body, plus is he dating a former escort?

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I stumbled upon some amazing pictures of Marc Jacobs while surfing the net. He seems to have transformed his body after 10 months on an all organic food diet and a 2 hour a day excersise program. He looks like a totally different man than when he appeared on Oprah's show last year! Then, I came across a site that shows him with a ( former?) escort that he may or may not be engaged to or at least dating off and on. His name is Jason Preston. I vaguely remember seeing his pics and profile on rentboy last year maybe? Anyone else remember him or know anything more about this? This might be old news for those in the know in NYC, but it was news to me.




here is how he looked on the cover of OUT September magazine that did an article on him.



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>He seems to have transformed his body after

>10 months on an all organic food diet and a 2 hour a day

>exercise program.


well, earlier this year (and within the last 10 months) he was in rehab for drug/alcohol abuse. Not sure if they were organic or not. :o


I use his cologne...only reason why it stuck in my memory.

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Judging by the way he looks, he probably spends a good part of that time doing cardio. I have seen people who do or did spend a couple of hours a day in the gym, but a good amount of that time was spent talking...:-) Maybe he's a talker. The other issue is rest. If he's not resting each muscle group 72 hours then, he will not gain as much mass. Rest is critical for weight training.

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The point is that I am asking if anyone had any more information to share about him and his former escort boyfriend, Jason Preston. I thought it was quite interesting that a famous,world renowned designer would be involved in a relationship with a guy that was an escort who I remember seeing on rentboy. Since this is a messege board to discuss escorts and any topic, then I feel it is relevant and wanted to share the info with other, perhaps more knowledgable clients or escorts who live in NYC and might have heard more details and want to chime in and share that info with others. Since you don't fall into that catagory, and find the topic pointless and Marc Jacobs to be not cute or handsome, then why bother responding? I was also pointing out his amazing body transformation, not his face. Compared to last year, he looks remarkabley better, and thought others might know more about how he acheived such great results. I would love to have a body like his.


After sifting through more google pics, I found more of Jason Preston and definitely remember his rentboy ad now. He has a very big, thick cock. I am not sure what his escort name was. Perhaps others who are interested in this topic can share info or stories if they ever hired him?

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Guest EuropTravl

>>"No. 4 Alan down in Florida says:

And who exactly gives a damn about this?

Posted: Aug 22, 2007 at 12:58 pm

No. 5 ajpetri says:

and this is news why exactly???

Posted: Aug 22, 2007 at 2:31 pm

No. 6 Stenar says:

Why do we care?"


Oh, nothing. I just thought it was amusing there's the same argument going on in the first linked story in the first post. Now someone post after me and say "Do we give a damn what you say?":7

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